top end
  1. J

    Back after top-end Rebuild 70cc 20" Lowrider

    Hi guys, I'm back after a very long and exhaustive struggle to get the part I needed. I brought a new top end rebuild on eBay then after months, nothing arrived. So I got in touch with eBay which was almost impossible as I'd brought the item as a guest on eBay. They told me to get in...
  2. 4

    Different cylinders

    Hi, first post I have a 48cc engine kit that needs a new top end but the cylinder fins on this engine are round and the only top end I could find on ebay has square shaped cylinder fins. Will it still fit? I tried searching on the forums but I didn't find much. Thx
  3. W

    55cc upper end on a 48cc lower end.

    Has any body bolted a 55cc top end to a 48cc grubee bottom end. I saw that spooky tooth has the 55cc top end kits. I need to rebuild my top end and this might be a cheap way to get a tad bit more out of the engine (like a big bore kit). :-||
  4. waistofhumanspace

    Different Pistons

    How many different pistons are there for 66/80cc sky hawk engines? I purchaced a cylinder & piston when I put it on my motor the piston hits the head, I see that the connecting rod hole is further down tward the botom of the piston then the one that came originally, causing the piston to travel...