Are these bikes fun, or is it just me?

old motorbike

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Sep 21, 2008
I'm 62 years old. I started to ride motorcycles again at 53 after not riding for 33 years. I ended up a sport touring type shortly after a year. No cruisers, it had to be FAST. So I've had a Hayabusa for 7 years. With a built engine and hundreds of mods, I can ride it anywhere around the states and it will do an honest 200.1 mph. I ride it most every day if not raining.

I had an old bicycle sitting for years. Got the idea to see if Anyone made a motor for bikes and behold on e bay I found hundreds Cheap. I'm not rich, but a tinkerer for sure. I ordered and assembled this motorbike and found a new kind of fun.

It's clunky, slow and hard riding but makes me feel like a kid with a new toy that I never had. I love the challenge to make it better. Even though I can't afford it, I ordered a shift kit that would be perfect in S. Fl. I want to work on some HID lights somehow and whatever else I can think of.

I actually have fun just going 15-20 mph on side streets, but want to make it go 35-45 and keep up with city traffic if needed.

Maybe I'm just crazy!!??:ride2:


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Jun 29, 2008
memphis tn
welcome to the crazy motor bike club.
you know what they say about "birds of a feather..."
these things are so much fun, I expect some legislation to be passed soon making them less legal.


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Aug 29, 2008
Tucson, AZ USA
Most definitely a hoot! I find I actually look forward to a chance to run to the hardware store for something on weekends. The best couple of hundred I've spent in a long time! I also love to tinker, although I am no where near the skill level of most folks here but with these bikes there is a lot you can do with a dremel and basic hand tools! There's always something to tweak or try to improve. :ride: :D
My story is just about the same only I'm 57 years old . I got back into bikes a few years ago but went right for the motorized bicycles. I'm disabled so the bicycle is easy to control and not too overly fast. I have a 1953 Columbia with a Monarch front fork set (springer)It's running a Thats Dax 65cc with a 36 tooth rear sprocket and will do an easy honest 30 MPH . The bike was cheap cause all I got was the frame and forks . I have a super HD Rim set with the bigest spokes I've ever seen on a bicycle . The rims are Worksman and came from a solid tire factory bike.I used a HUGE seat from an exersize bike and doubled the padding and used an old leather jacket to cut up to cover it.It's on one of those pitched back (braced) seat posts so you sit a good 6 to 8 inches farther back than norm.I braced it down to the rear axel like an old banana seat to stablize it . Its a one gear bike with coaster brakes that will lock up when they get warmlike on a long downhill. Well the bike is gonna get a better paint job soon. It's now flo. Orange and looks good only a bit dull. Well gotta go its late....Tom .


Jul 17, 2008
200 mph? I'd probably cr@p my pants doing 40 on anything with 2 wheels without a safety cage around me.


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May 28, 2008
north bend wa.
this makes me giggle. yesterday i sawed a boreem scooter $25 in half, used a 3" bolt and attached it to an occ chopper $60 and a throttle. it flies and took one hour. mitch