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    Hello, I just joined last night. I thought my previous post took, but it says I've never posted before so here goes:
    I am a local government worker living in Indianapolis. What started for me as a practical solution to expensive gas, expensive parking, and less than reliable/predictable bussing has potential to become a new addition to my short list of hobbies. I've been lurking on your site as an observer for some time, learning all I can. I have joined now because, with the income tax refund, I have set the cogs in motion. Parts and components are ordered and are presumed to be on their way.
    Wish me luck, I'm using a Micargi Huntington as a base. Some will say that Micargi has a spotty reputation but, so help me, I really like the look of the Huntington. I would swear that's the bike Spookytooth uses for its "Venus".
    I'll be putting a ThatsDax engine on it, and a springer fork from Spookytooth that has V-brake bosses. In my time I've worked on mopeds, bikes, cars, trucks, vans, etc. With every one of them, having better brakes was always a good idea. Especially considering that a motorized bicycle is practically invisible to other drivers. On that note, I will also be adding the brightest lights I can track down.
    I have to go now, I have a daughter being cute in an effort to get something.
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    Welcome! Fellow newbie here too!
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    Glad you've decided to join us. Lots of great information here for the new comer as well as the seasoned builder. When you have the project complete post some photos to share with us. Have fun, ride safe.

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