Oct 30, 2011
Seattle, WA
While riding to work on my 1000 watt 52 volt fat tire from Bicycle Motor Works, I was boxed in by a Prius next to a tall curb, as an ambulance siren sounded, I could see the youngster driver craning his neck the opposite way behind his car while his Prius is boxing me in closer and closer to the curb, I am yelling at him but he's trying to see that ambulance. It gets to either I get hit by his car or get out of the way, he was too close for me to back off so I attempted to jump the curb. I'm too old and heavy and the bike was too heavy for this to be successful, the front wheel fork crashes down on the curb and bends the dropouts warping the disc brake and the axle and the fork arm. I'm trying to get to work and running out of time. I saw an old woman nearby working in her garden and as i"m trying to explain what had happened and could I leave my bike at her place and return for it that evening? she exclaims "You're returning my grandson's stolen bike!" I tried to explain that this is my bike but she was adamant. I can't leave the bike there. as I"m stumbling away, she's threatening to call the police. I told her where I was going and they were welcome to talk to me there. The front wheel won't turn so I attempted to carry it with the front wheel off the road but the damn thing is too heavy. I attached the axle on only one fork and removed the disc brake and could sort of roll it that way. 2 miles and an hour late I arrived at work. It didn't occur to me to get the Prius' license tag, the car was light colored and a young blond guy driving it. He shouted "sorry dude" as he sped away. At the minimum, I'll be needing a new fork and rotor, probably a new axle. Possibly a new wheel. I just got the damn thing! Not even a month ago!
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Mar 15, 2012
Santa Barbara, CA
It's a good thing you were not hurt. Maybe a horn would have helped? He might have been able to hear a honk before you had to go for the curb.

Sidewinder Jerry

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Dec 19, 2011
Rockwood, TN
I now use a duel horn system. The horn on the right is a low volume to alert other cyclist and pedestrians. The horn on the left is a bicycle pump refillable air horn loud enough to be heard in closed compartment vehicles.

You should also consider getting glasses cams or something similar. This can give you evidence to take to the police. You'll need the event, the tag number and a clear shot of the operator's face if possible.

When these idiots start getting surprised visits from the police and paying fines along with licence suspensions it'll change their attitudes.