A 50 cc lifan auto clutch with a battery and 12 volt electric power.



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Jan 20, 2008
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Anybody know anything about these chinese honda clone engines ?

I am NOT recommending this dealer it is just a link.
Hooper Imports Experts on Chinese Motorcycles and Parts - Product Detail

When my HAPPY TIME bushing fails.
I am thinking of a rack mount 4 stroke with a different style of clutch.
A 50 cc with auto-matic clutch, and a 12 volt electric generator for about $220.00
on a rack mount frame like the new dax kit has, but without the jack shaft.


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Dec 28, 2007
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I have been considering a 90-110cc Lifan engine, 4 speed auto for another stretch project. I know the are widely used on mini bikes, karts and atv's. There are many upgrade parts available. They are twice as heavy as the two strokes (Chinese) and are wider. The one I have been researching is 11 inches wide. I looked at the link you have and I know that you can buy complete kits ie: carb and electrical harness included at better prices.Custom Mini Choppers,engine,Lifan 250cc V-Twin,Honda Replacement Engines
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