1. Makomea

    New 2023 Phatmoto AT, 0 Experience Builder.

    Hey guys! I have been lurking around these forums for a couple months just trying to learn what I can from random posts. Some threads have info I need when it comes to a specific, specialized, task. When it comes to absolute basic information, it is either buried in a comment on an unrelated...
  2. Bigwheelz

    Bt80 clutch help

    My bt80 electric start will not engage to go forward i guess you can say it starts just wont go please help! Is it the clutch?
  3. B

    got a brand new kit and but revs wont come down

    got a brand new 2 stroke gas bicycle kit when i ride at a high rpm and pu the clutch in the rpms dont come down but if i engage the clutch a tiny bit it will bring it back down to normal idle speed and it idles just fine whats wrong someone help please
  4. Z

    Help t belt questions!!!!

    So I have the 142f engine and my rear drive sprocket sheared off loosing my key and nut I was wondering if I could just find one at a hardware store or if anyone knows where to get one. Also when fixed how to keep it on.
  5. carl clack

    The Piston Came

  6. J

    My clutch won't engage.

    I have an 80cc engine on my bike. Well about a week ago I was on a beautiful ride. I came up to a park that only had one path and got behind a maintenance golf cart. He was putting along pretty slow. So I cut through the grass and beat him around the corner. I rode out of the park and made it to...
  7. H

    Pedals are locked up

    I bought a motorized bike recently and its been great, my friends and i love to ride them around due to our town having a lot of bike lanes. I've run into a problem with my chain/sprocket. When i try to turn my pedals the wheels and chain refuse to make a full turn. I've read through some other...
  8. TheNecromancer13

    Necro's Bike Repair Help - Ask me how to fix stuff and I'll give it a shot.

    Although I'm not the greatest with repairing engines yet, I do know how to build a normal bike from the frame up and diagnose and fix pretty much anything that might be wrong with any part of your bicycle which was there before you put the motor on it. So I thought I'd let people pick my brain...
  9. C

    Brand New Chinese 66cc kit won't start. No spark(?)

    i bought a brand new generic Chinese motorized bike kit off eBay the other day. It's a 66(80cc) kit with a slant head. After installing it I couldn't get it to start. I'm sure it's getting fuel because the plug is wet when I pull it out. I've checked for spark multiple times and I only SOMETIMES...
  10. Munchiesgalore

    explosive idle/please help

    hi, my China girl I've had for about a year now doesn't idle whatsoever. when i start it it 'runs away' and wont stop for anything except for unplugging the wires from the motor to the cdi. I've tried everything in my knowledge to fix it with no prevail. please help. :-||
  11. J

    Wont start......please help!

    I'm new to the whole motor bicycling world and taking it day by day. I can use all advise I can get. Here's my problem.... I've been riding around town with no trouble what so ever for the past week. Then I head out today and I cant get the motor to turn over. I pedal and pedal and when I...
  12. J

    NO IDLE 80cc skyhawk bicycle

    Hi there, I'm new to moto bicycling, I've recently purchased a couple of used bicycles both with 80cc Skyhawk motors from what I was told. Well I'm sure I'll have tons of questions to come i was wondering why my girls bike doesn't idle and how would I go about adjusting it? As she comes to a...
  13. CheebaChamp

    X80-BK on a Murray Beach Cruiser - Starting issues and fuel problems. PLEASE HELP

    Hi all, I'm new to the Motor Bicycle world, and am in dire need of some help. I bought a BGF 49cc about a month and a half ago and slapped it on a 26" Murray beach cruiser. I had it running pretty decently, but then I lost spark, and tried changing the CDI. So I decided to try and get them to...
  14. F

    Two bikes fully cstomized nees repairs for price

    What's up guys new to the forum but digging it so far. Here's my question, I have come across two Bikes (Motorized) and they need some repairs. Basically they are not running at this point; motors are supposedly not seized, the offer is $300 as a pair or $150 for one. How much would you...
  15. D

    Im new at this and I am looking for help...

    So I'm not to familiar with combustion engines of any kind, and well I purchased an 80cc gas powered engine from ebay and a bike from walmart. I paid my friend to assemble the bike, I have owned it for about a month and about a week ago i was headed to work which is about 4 miles from my house...
  16. T

    I hate idiots with cars!

    Well I just had my first real incident with a car on my way home from work tonight, guess they didnt like me being on the side of the road and they ran me into a fence. I couldnt stop in time, luckily I wear a DOT helmet so my head didnt feel anything, but the rest of my body did! holy crap I...
  17. T

    Sudden loss of power climbing

    I have a 66cc that's been running great for 2 months. Out of nowhere today it just started losing power when climbing hills or running hard. Starts up fine and runs well when idling or putting around. But as soon as you start to climb it goes, then sputters, goes, sputters, etc. I am certainly...
  18. K

    Advice appreciated

    Hi all, long time listener first time caller here. So my bike has a 4-stroke hua sheng 49cc engine with the centrifugal (automatic) clutch. Today I was riding and something happened with the clutch so that it changed to being permanently engaged. I would appreciate any advice as to a fix. I...
  19. Ruby478

    Dallas 2stroke engine rebuild

    Is there anyone around or close to Dallas,TX that knows how to rebuild a 2 stroke engine ........ ive been having problems with mine and really need help getting it running at 100%
  20. Ruby478

    My motor died

    I went on a simple 7 mile ride to go and from right.........i my motor went dead it had gas my carb is set stock and i changed the spark plug it wont start at all it just makes this horrible screeching noise like bad breaks on a car:-||