problem starting
  1. B

    HELP!!pls Squeaking when release clutch

    Hi guys was give engine with some broken piston rings replaced the piston rings put back together tried to start. Started 2 times for a second but had no acceleration checked acceleration cable seems to be fine on the 3rd time I tried to start as I released the clutch it squeals and dose not...
  2. J

    I've done everything and still no start

    I got a 2 stroke, 80cc kit a couple weeks ago and built it in a day or so but for the last 2 weeks I have been trying to start it almost everyday and I get nothing. I pedal, get some speed, ease on the throttle and pop the clutch and there is not even the faintest semblance of engine combustion...
  3. O

    Engine not starting, despite good spark

    My 80cc engine from China (eBay) has not started since it was assembled a week or two ago. Fuel is getting to the engine, as the spark plug was wet when checked after cranking - for some reason it refuses to burst to life upon releasing the clutch. The engine will turn over after releasing the...
  4. T

    New 80cc Bike Kit, Does not start, Possible Flooding

    I recently acquired a new 80cc bike kit. When I first got it, it was working fine, no issues really. After taking it on a bumpy road one day, all my problems began. At first I was sure it was only the carburetor. I completely took apart the entire carburetor and found that the tube that the...
  5. S

    Bike not starting

    Hey all, So i'm not sure if this is the right forum for this so if its not direct me elsewhere… anyway, I'm having issues with my motorized bicycle. I peddle it to get started but when i release the clutch and give it throttle nothing happens. It sounds like the engine is going but it's...
  6. Matty Skacore

    Idle problems

    When I pull the clutch my motor dies. I know this is vague but what are any possibilities. I can get my bike running smooth but pulling the clutch makes it idle for several seconds than it starts to slowly die, it is in the break in still.
  7. Julio2420

    I can't get my bike to Accelerate, Please Help.

    I just purchesed this bike on craigslist two weeks ago for just $50 bucks. It was a mountain bike w/ a 2 stroke engine kit that was working fine. I used it about three times and now it starts up but it wont accelerate and after about 15-20 sec it turns off on me. Can anybody help please, I...