1. T

    Porting questions

    I'm about to buy another 100cc 2-stroke engine and I'd love some input on proper porting. After doing tons of research I think I'm going to: Widen exhaust and intake port 1mm, raise exhaust 1mm and lower intake 1mm. Trim piston skirt to clear intake port at TDC. Will this configuration mess up...
  2. D

    New to this, so a few questions

    Hi. Been lurking a long time, finding lots of answers about issues I had (like sputtering). So background, my motor is a basic Chinese two stroke 49cc (prolly a lot of folks first, right?) Anyway, I've noticed that going up hill, it really has no power and becomes more like "motor assisted...
  3. 4banger

    New Huasheng won't break 22mph, why?

    I'm having an issue with my huasheng 4stroke stock with 44t pinapple rear sprocket. Old one was great, hit about 28-35mph on the regular, slight knocking once in a while on inclines. New kit won't clear 22mph but runs smooth. Would like to hit 30 again though. First, everything ,bike and all kit...
  4. A

    Motorized bike seems to have more power at very slight choke

    Hi I have a default ebay 2 stroke 80cc kit with the stock NT carb. Currently I have the pin in the carb set to the leanest setting (towards the top) as all the other settings seem to give some form of 4 stroking. When I start the bike I choke it for around 5 seconds then immediately switch to...
  5. C

    chain drive centrifugal supercharger

    xct2ive been thinking of ways to get more from an engine without modifying the engine itself and I thought of a small supercharger with the rotor driven by the chain and a relief/blowoff valve between the charger and the intake. im currently making a rough 3D model using google sketchup and Ill...
  6. R

    almost closed petcock gives me more power

    ok, i've been having trouble with my motor. i got it about a week and a half ago, i've been through a total of about 5 tanks (my tank is a half gallon size). and i've maybe been topping at 17MPH, and then it slowly loses power until it maybe maxes 10 mph without me pedaling. i've been thinking...
  7. F

    Low end power mods!

    Hey guys, I've found a few threads mentioning low end power but most people seem to be after speed. I wanted to start a thread to see how many mods we can get in one place that are dedicated to adding low end torque to your bike. Personally, I'd be plenty happy if i could mod my bike so that...
  8. G

    gearing? 49cc two stroke kit

    hi i'm looking for some info on a two stroke china 49cc motor kit LEB off ebay. The kit came with a 39 tooth sprocket and i have it mounted on a 10 speed road bike it had 27" tires i changed the to 24". I'M wondering if its geared to hi, it doesent's have any hill climbing power the top...
  9. R

    Anyone try this light or have opinion??? 15-watt LED headlight, 1200 lumens, $23

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/310568041747 15 watt led headlight, supposedly 1,200 lumens. I believe it if it's really 15 watts. I was thinking of adding this to an led truck fog light that I am currently using as a high beam for night rides. I have a 12-volt battery on my bike capable of powering...
  10. I

    new crankcase design help and input!

    hi guys i got a friend that works at a machine shop and mechanic shop and he told me that if i can come up with a design he will try to get access to the cnc. and I'm not really good at designing engines so thats why i came here. i just want to design a crankcase that will take polini or puch...
  11. W

    55cc upper end on a 48cc lower end.

    Has any body bolted a 55cc top end to a 48cc grubee bottom end. I saw that spooky tooth has the 55cc top end kits. I need to rebuild my top end and this might be a cheap way to get a tad bit more out of the engine (like a big bore kit). :-||
  12. nidyanazo

    *vid* Inside a MOTOVELO bike engine (what makes them the best)

    Check out this quick video.. Any questions feel free to call! 805-637-1746 http://www.motovelo.us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awqIdRUlnX4
  13. nidyanazo

    Straight plug engines are better than angle plug engines

    It's getting almost comical the amount of customers who want the angle plug engines (we do sell both types) simply because they think the angled plug is a better engine with more power. A centered spark plug will promote a more even burn, with the combustion force able to spread out evenly...
  14. L

    Looking for help with some simple upgrade tips.

    I currently am running a motorizebike with the standard 80cc motor kit. I think these things are awesome wish i had one growing up as a kid. I currently dont have a car and I drive my bike 14 miles to get to school some days and its taking way to long at 18-22 mph 30+ would be awesome. I weigh...