Looking for help with some simple upgrade tips.


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Jun 19, 2011
I currently am running a motorizebike with the standard 80cc motor kit. I think these things are awesome wish i had one growing up as a kid. I currently dont have a car and I drive my bike 14 miles to get to school some days and its taking way to long at 18-22 mph 30+ would be awesome. I weigh 200lbs. If possible Im looking for ways to Increase my top speed, and power. I also dont have much money at the time so please the cheaper fizes the better. Please any small tips will help I.E. spark plug type and so forth. I also use the opti-2 100:1 ratio maybe there is better oil out there THX.
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Aug 23, 2010
expansion chamber dremeled to match your port.
is the main thing
i also have a billet intake & a 34tooth back sprocket.
i weigh just under 200 pounds & i can goto 32mph.
i also use opti-2 @ 72:1. after i started using the opti-2 ran much smoother @ the higher speeds.
from what i read, i should be able to go faster. i have another carb that might help.
if you have the money a jackshaft set up will be the best.

Ballin on a Budget

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May 26, 2011
Vernon, British Columbia
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Before I had any cash for my new exhaust and a few other things, heres what I (among many others) have done to help out power and top speed for very little cash. Its always best to upgrade to proper performance parts, but while your saving for them, this stuff has really helped!

The upgraded sparkplug/wire is one of the most important and helpful mods you can do.