1. Tom74

    Muffler gasket

    I recently purchased an 02 toyota highlander oxygen sensor gasket as a gasket for my muffler because some guy on YouTube recommended it, but what I'm wondering is it for 36 or 40mm stud placing. Is there anyone that has bought one of these and that can measure it for me?
  2. S

    4 Stroke engine muffler issue.

    So I'm trying to put the exhaust on and unlike the engines in many of the tutorials I see, there are these stock bolts that comes out. I'm not sure if I can remove them. Edit: HuaSheng 49cc 4 stroke engine
  3. I

    Anyone have the expansion chamber with muffler?

    My 66cc motor won't hardly run with the stock muffler, when I take it off it runs like a champ. Anyone have bikeberrys expansion chamber with muffler? What do yo think of it? How much louder is a regular expansion chamber?
  4. ezrider

    Engine sounds louder: Is this normal ?

    Approaching the 200 mile engine break-in period and already noticing...and hearing a louder engine. Muffler gasket is still secure and wondering what other maintenance steps can be taken to have the 2 stroker running...and sounding like it did once before.
  5. Chaz

    Something actually worth checking out

    I ran across this video which demonstrates the difference in sound level between a regular expansion chamber and a belly bleed approach.
  6. Patchy

    Question about expansion chamber size

    Just to check, you want an expansion chamber to be around the same volume as the cylinder/head/intake right? If you have an expansion chamber larger than said volume does it lesson the effectiveness of the chamber? Or is this not a concern? I only ask because I stumbled upon an old thread...
  7. A

    Multiple problems: Engine Mount, Throttle, and Muffler

    Hi, let me start by saying that I am not too savvy with mechanical parts. That said, I've tried my best to make my HT engine work but even so I really need your guy's help. Engine Mount Firstly, the engine has never fit onto my bike (front tube is WAY too fat). I removed the front mount...
  8. H

    attaching muffler-round to a square hole?

    hi, I am new here and this is my first post. I have a Huffy cruiser with a 66 in it. today was the first day I was able to actually ride it. 1st lesson learned...take everything apart and reinstall using threadlock! lol. she ran like a banchie after I got the gas/oil mix right. Too good! upon...
  9. CycleTyrant

    Need help with muffler.

    so a couple weeks ago my muffler fell off while i was riding, and i couldn't find it anywhere on my backtrack. the motor wouldnt start without one to i ordered the stock muffler from, i used two screws and washers to screw the muffler into the motor , but the screws come loose...
  10. JaxInsany

    Stock Muffler Addition!

    I got the idea from these very forums and all the sick exhaust setups I have seen posted here! I threw some stainless steel water heater flex piping on the end of the stock muffler and added a little 2 stroke Briggs and Stratton muffler onto the end of it all! In the photo's and video it is duct...
  11. M

    New exhaust i've never Seen!

    So i came across this exhaust system in my Frantic searching after my Modified pocket bike exhaust ''Expansion chamber'' cracked at the header, Due to my bending it too fit by force no map gas lol So i went on a search for expansion chambers and since last time i bent the header too fit, it...
  12. C

    Muffler End Cap Fix

    I tried a lot of different muffler end cap fixes, and in the end they all kept falling off one way or another. I jb welded a soda can to the end and then put a screw threw that, and the screw loosened and it eventually fell off, then i went to using a washer with some drilled holes in it...
  13. G

    New from Northern CA - Noise Question

    Just finished the 47cc install of the generic Chinese kit. Oval, not too bad with some minor tweaks. Took some playing with the carb settings to get it right. Now, it's nothing but fun and waiting out the engine burn-in so I can open the throttle some more. ;) Question: Has anybody added an...
  14. DuctTapedGoat

    Porting - are you actually taking advantage of it?

    I hear people talking about porting all the time. I see pictures of ported motors - and they're using stock exhaust and stock intakes. If you're going to port, wouldn't you need to use a modified exhaust and intake that actually matched the head porting? I plan to first modify my exhaust...