motorized bicyle
  1. biknut

    The Rise of the Electronaut's

    Right now in the u.s. the electric bicycle market is infinitesimal, but my crystal ball sees a perfect storm brewing on the horizon. Fueling this perfect storm is a confluence of factors quietly happening almost unnoticed to the untrained eye. For starters there's a federal initiative...
  2. S

    53mph Raptor Build

    The ebike frame came from Slovenia and took 1 month from fabrication to delivery at my door. The motor is a Greyborg beast and got that through the USA distributor. I purchased two 18 Fet controllers and I'll have to see which I like best on this heavy frame. Anyways, I got both a sensored...
  3. J

    Wont start......please help!

    I'm new to the whole motor bicycling world and taking it day by day. I can use all advise I can get. Here's my problem.... I've been riding around town with no trouble what so ever for the past week. Then I head out today and I cant get the motor to turn over. I pedal and pedal and when I...