expansion chamber

  1. S

    Bicylce-Engines expansion chamber

    http://www.bicycle-engines.com/Fat-Cat-Chrome-Expansion-Chamber.html Hey everyone, first post!: i just bought bicycle engines chamber and i wanted to know if theres any tuning involved (and how) or if its just a slap on and go kinda thing. I guess im considered a newbie. I have a...
  2. S

    Bicylce-Engines expansion chamber

    http://www.bicycle-engines.com/Fat-Cat-Chrome-Expansion-Chamber.html Hey everyone! First Post: I just bought this pipe off of Bicycle engines and i wanted to know if its a slap on and go kind of thing or if there are any "tuning" steps i need to do.
  3. B

    Going with a Specialized Crossroads

    Just picked this up for a song on CL. ($100) I've had a new Grubee Skyhawk 66cc kit sitting for over a month waiting to find the right bike. Wanted to go with something with a front suspension to sooth out that ride a bit. (2 past back surgeries). Also needed something big, as I'm 6'3" and...
  4. Chaz

    Something actually worth checking out

    I ran across this video which demonstrates the difference in sound level between a regular expansion chamber and a belly bleed approach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsQ_mRrqrTs
  5. Davezilla

    New Pipe Build

    Ok, I knew it was going to happen eventually, just didn't expect it to happen earlier today but my modified pocketbike pipe broke off at the lower mounting tab. I was going to just weld the tab back on and carry on with breaking in my newly built engine but once I saw just how thin the metal was...
  6. S

    Pocket bike expansion chamber?

    Has any one tried the pocket bike expansion chamber? It's much cheaper than the sbp one and seems to look the same any pros and cons... I want to order one... http://www.pocketbikeparts.com/Exhaust_Stock_Cag_p/cgex301486.htm
  7. F

    Expansion chamber choices

    Hi there guys, from your experiences, who sells the best expansion chamber for an 66/80cc two stroke engine? Ive been shopping around and Ive seen alot of different variations of the expansion chamber shape and so im wondering which ones are the best? brnot
  8. Dogtown Burner

    Dogtown Mustang Project

    Thanks fellas for the pre-build feedback. Started the micargi mustang from Mannys yesterday. Gonna post some photos of the progress as I go. Stoked to be moving forward on it.
  9. IreBo

    REV pocket bike ehhaust!! ez

    So i was looking around on ebay and found the x1 and x2 super pocket bike after market pipes. they have all types. i found 2 that will work great and even though i welded mine together this is a mod that can be done with a hack saw or saws-all! so most people can do this mod. i used this...
  10. IreBo

    Handle Bar Exhaust?? YEP!!

    So i just wanted to share a trick I found . I ordered one of those little Banana expansion chambers for my Schwinn Clairmont and the thing was not going to fit. The angel was all wrong. So I cut each end off of the Banana. It is symmetrical so it does not matter what end is what. I cut my stock...
  11. escout

    Anyone out there with a "BoosBottle Industries" Expansion Chamber??

    This is my first post. Anyways, I just got my 66cc bike kit mostly put together and I ordered a few upgrades with it at the same time. For starters, I put the boost bottle on. However, the expansion chamber looks to be a POS setup. For example, it came with flex-pipe that doesn't even pretend to...
  12. R

    Exhaust Fabrication: Expansion Chamber

    Obviously I posted in the wrong section. Could a moderator move this to the appropriate section or remove it. Dont want to be any trouble. Greetings, Long time reader here, long time tinkerer shady tree mechanic.and with this being my 2 post on the site I hope this is the appropriate section...