engine problems

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    Bike not easily turning over after ride

    I recently built a 100cc motorized bike, after completion it ran and rode good. After one of the first short rides I shut off the engine. I go to start it again and it locks up the back tire and barely turns over. The engine turns freely in reverse and with the spark plug out. It acts like the...
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    Need help with my motor and clutch

    Okay so I have a G series 2 stroke 80cc motor, when I go to try and stop cause as of right this minute I don't have brakes so, what I do is let go of the throttle all the way and I'll push the clutch in, but when I go to push the clutch in all the way, the engine revs really high and this is...
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    Troubleshooting a Huasheng 4-stroke Engine

    Hello Motor Bicycling.com I'm Matt, a new member to this forum, however I've been working at this motorized bike for close to 3 years now and I've only got it running a hand full of times unfortunately. First a little bit of background about the bike. I first purchased the Huasheng 4-Stroke...
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    I'm having trouble getting the engine to start and idle

    Hello everyone, I just purchased a two stroke Schwinn Stingray OCC off of a gentleman this week. It's used and has been through three owners so far but the last guy didn't ride it as much as he fixed it from the previous owner. I am completely new to motorized bikes so I really don't know...
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    Strange Problem - Engine slows down after mile

    Hey Everyone! I hope you can help me out here...My bike has a NT Carb that was a solution to a problem with my original carb from the bike kit that I got on ebay. The bike was working really well, but I got a nail stuck in my tire...replaced the wheel about a week later. I go for a ride and...
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    bike is way slow, any ideas?

    ok, so, i have built my second engine on a bike, the first one was with a friend on his bike, everything went fine except the carborator filter kept falling off. i built my bike on my own with a little hole drilling help from my girls dad. And my bike is solid no problems at all, everything is...