1. G

    Help with my first build please!!!!! And thank you

    So my 2 stroke 80cc motor for my bicycle came with a PZ20 carburetor if I'm not mistaking? I need to know if this is a good carburetor that it came with it should I get something else?? All help is needed on this situation as this is my first build. Also the nipple at the bottom of the...
  2. G

    PZ20 carburetor

    So my 2 stroke 80cc motor for my bicycle came with a PZ20 carburetor if I'm not mistaking? I need to know if this is a good carburetor that it came with it should I get something else?? All help is needed on this situation as this is my first build. Also the nipple at the bottom of the...
  3. B

    4stroke carb to nt

    I have a haushengtaishan 49cc 4stroke. I was having carb issues so I went to a nt carb my question is what do I do with the hose that went from breather box to engine
  4. J

    Dellorto clone

    I replaced the stock nt with a good quality dellorto clone. Seems to idle well, maybe a little high. Sputters in mid range and bogs down bad top end. I've lost considerable power. Ideas? Too rich?
  5. I

    Ready to throw the keihin away

    Here's what I got. This thing never ran right from day 1 and I'm tired of it. Do I spend the money on a jet kit or is there a carb I can buy that would be as big as the keihin that will actually work? I finally have my low end rpm smooth and powerful, but when cracking wide open after that...
  6. ezrider

    Hi Perf Carbs

    From the BikeBerry site: Curious if anyone ever noticed an mph speed boost with one of these...and by how much. _
  7. L

    Engine Troubleshooting

    Hi everyone, I've been having some strange engine issues and would appreciate any insight from some more experienced engine people. For the last 2-3 months, my bike has gradually gotten slower - lost pickup on the low end and lower top speed on the high end. I haven't changed any major...
  8. C

    I don't have enough space to mount my carburetor between the engine and the frame

    Is there any way I could extend the carburetor witha piece of pipe or anything to make it fit. The reason it does not fit is because I installed the universal U-Mount because my frame was too thick, and that raised the engine, making me unable to install the carb. I have the NTTC Carburetor...
  9. L

    FS Dellorto 21mm phbg racing, plus parts

    used 2500 miles. mostly stored inside. 2 years. i tried to use it on my scooter, and it was too small for my bike. its got a pull choke. and everything it came with stock. i got the...
  10. F

    Morini engines?

    I can have this engine for 300 dollars. What engine is this and are they fast? Any mod options?
  11. R

    Attaching a gas line/tank

    Hi Everybody; I'm new here and this is one of my first builds. I'm using a 42cc chainsaw motor, and I was wondering how to run a hose from it's small, built in gas tank to the frame of the bike where I could attach some other type of tank. right now, the gas cap is on the side of the engine...
  12. B

    bike will start(kinda) but will not accelerate. HELP!

    so i just bought a new cns carb and my bike will not accelerate. when im riding and i let go of the clutch, the motor turns on but there is absolutely no power. my throttle will slightly rev the engine but it is very quiet and will not push the bike forward. ive tried putting the choke all the...
  13. JaxInsany

    Non Adjustable CNS carb?

    Good evening to all! I was having some idle problems with my bike that the idle screw wasn't resolving, so I decided to open up my CNS carburetor (a high performance YD one from a Skyhawk kit) and adjust the brass/coppery slide pin to another notch when I noticed it had only ONE notch. I now...
  14. J

    66cc China Girl Motor runs too rich at low throttle, can't adjust anymore!

    Hi eh! Just got my China Girl ticking, it uses the stock exhaust and NTTC (NT?) carburetor with stock air cleaner, the square black plastic one. I'm using the stock 10-tooth engine output sprocket and 44 tooth rear sprocket. Initially, it ran extremely rich. It wouldn't even fire at all...
  15. 80ccstingray

    Idle/Carb problems

    Hi everyone! I have a RAW 80cc bike engine kit with a stock NT carburetor and it idles very fast and stalls randomly. I adjust the screw on the carb and it does nothing, it still idles fast. Can someone help me? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. -Thanks
  16. crmachineman

    High Performance Intake Manifold

    Hello. I love all of the experimenting many of us are doing. I would like to offer you all our new, radically different intake manifold for the china girl engines. We make them here in New Hampshire USA! I have read many reports of people having difficulties getting the CNS carburetor to work...
  17. F

    How to install cns carb??

    Hi, I have a 66cc beach cruiser. Just got my new cns carburetor in the mail. Ok so attached to the carb are 3 transparent tubes. If somebody will please take a picture of how these tubes are supposed to be setup that would be amazing. If you can't take a picture then please explain it. Also, I...
  18. J

    Dellorto SHA Clone Review

    I recently received a dellorto sha carburetor clone for christmas. The first thing I noticed about the carburetor is that it was the almost the same size as the stock carburetor. The cone air filter it came with does make it slightly larger, and had to be bent slightly to fit, which was easy...
  19. T

    Need an e clip for my carburetor!

    Yep, I lost the e clip. I needed to make a little carburetor adjustment. I was trying to move the clip up on the needle in a gravel parking lot and of course I dropped the clip. After some searching, I knew there was no way to find it. Where can I get a replacement? Do regular hardware...
  20. J

    possible CNS genB carb problem?

    So my grubee skyhawk gt5 is having some issues. I have just bought a new CNS genB carburator and whenever I have the choke all the way down I can only give it about 1/3 throttle without it dying. Then if I have the choke on I can give it all of the throttle but when I let go of the throttle the...