1. TheNecromancer13

    58V electric chainsaw to power bike?

    So I'm thinking of making a bike with this electric chainsaw as the power source: It would require very little modification, as it already has a variable speed throttle, a clutch, and the...
  2. biknut

    The Rise of the Electronaut's

    Right now in the u.s. the electric bicycle market is infinitesimal, but my crystal ball sees a perfect storm brewing on the horizon. Fueling this perfect storm is a confluence of factors quietly happening almost unnoticed to the untrained eye. For starters there's a federal initiative...
  3. cannonball2

    Capacitors and SLAs

    Some where I read of adding capacitors to SLA batteries to improve performance. Would some one explain the advantage ,what caps to use, wiring, etc. Thanks!
  4. S

    53mph Raptor Build

    The ebike frame came from Slovenia and took 1 month from fabrication to delivery at my door. The motor is a Greyborg beast and got that through the USA distributor. I purchased two 18 Fet controllers and I'll have to see which I like best on this heavy frame. Anyways, I got both a sensored...
  5. biknut

    Are we in the electric Vehicle Revolution?

    I think we've reached the beginning of the electric vehicle revolution. It started almost unnoticed with Chevy Volt's. Actually I think the real beginning was started by cell phones, and lap tops. They taught us we could use our electric stuff by day, and charge at night. That lead the way for...
  6. deacon

    construction of battery pack instructions

    PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME... I HAD A FIRE WITH THESE BATTERIES. NO DAMAGE BUT THE HOUSE STINKS OF BURNING INSULATION FAILURE MY OLD FRIEND How not to build the battery pack: :less than 105 dollars. (You will probably need at least two) Choose your weapons: For the Deacon aka...
  7. wheelbender6

    What did you do to your e-bike today?

    I thought I would start this thread where we can share some of the daily fixes and experiences from our e-bikes. The gas bike equivalent of this thread has been active for years. It also serves as a place to post when your message doesn't really fit any sub-forum categories. Share the knowledge.
  8. Ancient Order

    Headlight battery... Connecting wires

    I'm somewhat worried about having the battery of my headlight right under that gas tank; whenever I connect the plugs it makes a little spark. Should I be worried? Also how can I connect the two plugs so that I'll be able to attach and unattach one of them instead of using a switch? Is there...
  9. biknut

    Why buy an electric bicycle?

    Why would anyone buy an electric bicycle for $1,500-2000 when they could buy a nice store bought gas powered bicycle for around $600 or 700? Or if they felt so inclined they could spend $1,500 and get a really great gas powered bicycle. Legal issues? That's the only reason I can think of.