1. F

    Huffy Ultima with Lifan 79cc

    Hey guys thought I'd show some of my progress with this bike. Found it at the thrift store for 40 bucks, already had the Lifan 79cc from a mini bike that I salvaged, and thought I'd try a shifter build. It's just a 3hp engine so I think it's tame enough for the SBP bearings. I am just about...
  2. SoughtAnarchy

    Newbie here! Looking for suggestions to mod my new kit

    So, I recently bought this kit: https://www.gasbike.net/collections/bicycle-engine-kits/products/79cc-monster-90-bike-engine-kit-complete-4-stroke-kit I threw it on a brand new beach cruiser and it was riding fine for a day or two. Then the chain tensioner came loose and broke my spokes. (I'm...
  3. waynesdata

    Fito Modena GT-2 Questions

    I have questions about the Fito Modena GT-2 Beach Cruiser Bike. It is advertised as a 26" Mens Beach Cruiser Bike But the wheels are listed as Kenda 24"X3" high profile wide tire. tire diameter: 26". Would a standard 26" wheel work? I am thinking about reusing my mag rims with 2.5" tires. Do...
  4. M

    Primary reduction and clutch question

    I am looking for a primary drive reduction for the 79cc Predator. I am finding some that have a plate that bolts to the engine around the 5/8" output shaft but do not know which ones are more reliable. Is the Max-Torque clutch the one to get? I am seeing several others, some that are tuneable...
  5. waynesdata

    EZ Q-Matic for 79cc Predator

    Is the EZ Q-Matic for 79cc Predator any better than the jack shaft setup you see in the 79cc Predator kits? I found a video of a EZ Q-Matic and 79cc Predator on youtube. The video is very short and tells you very little.
  6. mezzenger

    79cc or 212cc on a Huffy Cranbrook

    Has anyone had success fitting a Predator engine on a Huffy Cranbrook?
  7. S

    79 cc 4 stroke redlion

    Hey guys I have a red lion 2Ralg 79cc 4 stroke and the crankshaft seems to be 5/8 without a keyway, I really need a 3/4 in shaft q type. Any suggestions?
  8. A Future Pilot

    New Build Questions

    Hey peoples! I'm planning a new build and have a few questions. 1. I'm ~300lbs. With a 79cc preddy and a SBP shift kit, about what kind of hill climbing/top speed can I expect? 2. I love the look of the Micargi Huntington frame, but it's got a 1" fork tube (what's that part called BTW?). I'd...
  9. waynesdata

    79cc gear ratio?

    Most kits I have seen have the same default gear setup. Motor Sprocket 11 tooth Jackshaft Input Sprocket 22 tooth Jackshaft Output Sprocket 9 tooth Wheel Sprocket 44 tooth Tire Height 26“ Is this gear ratio ok?
  10. Johns custom bike

    HF 79cc clutch problem? PLEASE HELP

    I have recently built a 79cc bike with the kit from gasbike. I removed the governor and took her out for a couple rides, but then I noticed as soon as I start the bike the back wheel starts spinning immediately. Why is this, I am clueless. Could it be the clutch, do I need a new one? Please...
  11. TheNecromancer13

    79cc Predator Flywheel Upgrade?

    My flywheel failed catastrophically today, destroyed itself, the magneto, the blower, the housing, and to top it all off, broke the engine block itself. I have heard mention of billet flywheels before but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Can someone point me to somewhere I might be able to...
  12. S

    Newbie Gearing Question

    Have a HF 79cc going on a bike with 26" tires. Engine will be keeping the governor so 3600-4000rmp (gov tweek if I can figure that out). Thinking of running a jackshaft with 11 tooth clutch, 22 tooth input, 9 tooth output, to a 48 tooth rear. If I figured right should be a 10.67 final. Will...
  13. TheNecromancer13

    2 speed 79cc predator build

    After building a few 79cc predator bikes for friends of mine and having them turn out far better than the first one I built for myself, I want to have the best bike again, so I'm starting a new build on an old trek 820 with a 21" frame that I got off craigslist for $150. I figure I'll keep my...
  14. TheNecromancer13

    79cc Predator Build Progress

    So I'm replacing the 66cc chinagirl on my bike with a 79cc predator because I got tired of the chinagirl breaking down every 3 weeks. Some people said they want to follow this build so I'm making a new thread in the proper location on it. Here's the pics so far, as you can see, the engine barely...
  15. TheNecromancer13

    Want to swap 66cc 2 stroke for 79cc predator. Any and all advice welcome!

    So yea, my 66cc chinagirl engine breaks like clockwork every 3 weeks or so, never the same thing twice, but always something new to fix, and I'm sick of it. Plus it's really underpowered and has no hill climbing power and (at least in my opinion) pretty mediocre speed. So, I want to swap it out...
  16. G

    First 79cc Predator Build

    Hello, first time posting here, and apologize as I am sure some of the questions I am about to ask have been asked before.. I have built 3 different China girl kits (as I am seeing them referred to here) on three different bike styles, the one where you buy the whole kit and essentially bolt it...
  17. Da Pedal

    GTC Jackshaft For Sale

    I have a GTC jackshaft that fits the 79cc - 99cc predators and greyhounds, along with the lifan 97cc - 98cc motors. I have never used it for anything besides mock up purposes and it is essentially brand new. I don't even think it has any scratches whatsoever I'm selling it for 105 shipped...
  18. A

    harbor freight 79cc oil filler threads

    Thinking real hard about mounting my 79cc Greyhound engine vertically. Have the mounts, fabbed up a plywood plate, etc. But I am stuck on drilling and tapping the second oil filler hole. I have seen others use what appears to be a brass hose barb looking thing- are those 3/4" MHT threads...