Zeda motor with Dio Reed valve 21mm OKO not idling

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    Sep 23, 2012
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    Does anyone here have this set up:
    Zeda DIO reed valve with 21mm OKO carb? I have been trying to jet my engine and it will not idle. I think I have the jetting sorta dialed in but the motor will not idle whatsoever. It almost feels like there may be an air leak somewhere but I have taken the engine apart many times and I can't seem to find any leaks. I have changed gaskets just to make sure. Have used copper spray and it still seems like something's leaking. Or is my jetting still off somewhat?? I can get it started but I have to keep my hand on the throttle and then it dies and won't want to start again or it will. Any help would be great! Thanks
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    Jan 8, 2016
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    I'm no expert, but sounds like it could be flooding due to it won't start after running. Have you checked your plug immediately after running to see if its gas soaked?

    To test for a leak starter fluid can be applied to intake joints
    And see if it starts to run better suddenly.

    You have a pretty exotic set up so I'm at a loss after trying these steps. It's likely flooding ...too rich or way to lean.

    Weak spark..Plug gap or type of plug could be the answer also. Have you played with the idle screw?

    Hope this helps a tiny bit.
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    check your float level,it might be letting fuel into the bottom end,flooding it out,make sure the reeds are not stuck,try adjusting throttle cable tighter to raise idle,spray carb cleaner around base gasket,head gasket,intake,reed mount,carb,and around the case gaskets, dont forget to readjust cable when and if you find a leak,pull the mag and check the crank seal,pull the drive gear,and check the seal behind it also.thats all this old man can think of rite now,time to take a nap

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