Yong Xing Mach. in frame 4 stroke



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Nov 10, 2008
Erie Pa
I was surfing eBay for 80cc 2 strokes and came across Yong Xing Mach. Zone as an international seller on eBay. Their store lists a 49cc in frame 4 stroke kit for 169.00 + 130.00 shipping from China. This is supposed to be an improved version with less noise. The pic's look like a large frame is needed to fit everything in. I was planning an 80cc as power for my next build, but this has possibilities. I have just completed a Schwinn point beach cruiser with a Titan XC50 4 stroke. I have a geno beach cruiser with a 33cc rear mount which is light and easy to ride, needs a springer fork and a change from a 44T rear sprocket to 48T to make it really sweet. Any info or thoughts on the Yong Xing 4 stroke is welcomed.


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Sep 26, 2008
They are great when you are buying. Not so much if you have a problem!

I recieved that gb and it is crap. The chain inside is a single row 1/4" pitch chain w/o a tensioner; the reduction is 3:1 w/ a larger drive gear. Can't see how it would work w/o an extremely large rear sprocket or 20" wheels.

Not to mention mine arrived broken from assembly not from shipping. They used a star washer to shim the reduction gear which put too much pressure on the cover. Take a look at my latest reply to milegajo's thread.

It's the same size as all the other frame mt 50's


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Jan 21, 2009
Hey guys do you know if it is possible take that ugly duckling of a fuel tank of the top of the Titan and side mount it ???????