Yes, Fenders can be VERY Dangerous


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Jan 12, 2017
They absolutely can be. I personally have experienced this. I have a dual springer monarch fork on my bike, and I will not put any fender on that wheel. The last time I did, it caught on the tire on a speed dip and threw me off the bike. I'm lucky. It could have been a bump on the main road, or it could have caught at any old time at speed. Ride safe, ride free.

PS: I am lucky a LOT, but I don't rely on my luck. I make it. I have been crashing bicycles ever since I can remember, so I have the proper response to a crash programmed into muscle memory. Do NOT think that just because I have escaped unscathed from a lot of my crashes, it means you will too. Crashes are unpredictable at best.
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Aug 18, 2009
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I never had problems with fenders. But all my bikes used old steel fenders with real fender struts, not like the cheap tin ones bikes come with now. There used to be a sticky about how I mounted fenders, but it got lost in obscurity after the forum change.

Johnny trigger

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Jan 22, 2020
After unfortunate incident with my fenders. I took both the vertical arms that connect fender to the frame off. I just drove a bolt up of through the middle of the fender and connected it directly to my Rear basket
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