which one to run 2 or 4 stroke?

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    Oct 7, 2013
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    So I'm new to this forum and the motorized bikes just wondering which does everyone prefer 2-stroke or 4-stroke what's the good and bad.Thanks

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    Re: which one to run


    A 2 smoke BGF type kit is the BEST way to get in.
    You will have plenty of opportunity to participate in discussion, here at motorbicyclingDOTcom, cost is low, and they are truly universal.

    The 49 and 99 4 smokes are known to be more powerful, reliable, expensive, and difficult to get operational, overall.

    They are superior.

    My vote is for a chinagirl... she's a cheap date!
    and will give you plenty of opportunity to decide how far you wish to go with this.

    Welcome aboard!
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    Re: which one to run

    Just ask yourself the same thing I ask all my customers.

    1. What is your stature (weight and inseam)?
    2. What is your typical daily trip distance each way?
    3. What is the typical terrain?
    4. What is your budget?

    If your budget is under $500 counting a good bike or your stature is like 5'2" and 150 pounds you have no choice but to go 2-stroke.

    If it's over $500 I like the 49cc HS with 4G tranny on a steel bike like this 29" Macargi Fatal Love or the 26" Pantera.


    Under $600 including the bike.
    Pull start, automatic clutch, and regular gas. They have far fewer problems than the 2-strokes, legal in most states, and they do 30+ MPH.
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