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I own a computer business and a new MB business.


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    1. KCvale
      I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, we did here, had the whole extended family and dear friends over, it was tough to seat 13 and watch football but it worked out.
    2. GearNut
      I am interested in your opinion on using the frame offered from Phantom Bikes instead of the Grubee frame.
      Here's a link for you, 3rd picture down:

      You can also check out their photos of the complete builds to see the engine fitment and jacks haft space available.
    3. KCvale
      Thanks for the keylock tip BigBlue
    4. BigBlue
      I remember you having key switches for your CDI units and found some real cheap on the Internet and thought you might be interested:

      AKA: BigBlue
    5. toker_ace
      Hey man is jeff (toker_ace) can you give me a call 256 591 8442 I want to ask you a couple of questions about the 4 strokes before I build. Jeff
    6. hussain.ladak
      hello member
      how are you
      i am new in this forum and i want to do something new for my bike
      can you help me
      actually i want to make my bicycle run with electric current with batteries and other stuff
      can you please help me . i like to engineer different parts of mechanical thins and want to do this .
      here is my email : [email protected]
    7. KCvale
      I don't do piecemeal customer bought part partial MB assembly for the same reason I don't sell engine kits, I don't want to be free tech support for anything that wasn't built from the ground up in my shop.

      In short I am running a 2 week backlog of new pre-paid custom builds and we simply have little time for other things but if you want my main mechanic help may be able to help you after hours but contact me in e-mail about that as I hate PM please ;-}

      [email protected]
    8. Scootmeister
      KC, I'm giving up on making a custom jackshaft. Since I had my stroke a month ago, I just don't have either the patience or the endurance for fabrication like I did. I don't even like to weld now, the smoke irritates me. Am considering your advice on using a SBP unit. What has been your experience with 4 stroke engines? Am getting my rebuilt wheel with Shimano hub from my bike shop tomorrow and I'm anxious to get this thing finished so I can ride it again.
    9. majicfingers
      once every 3 months depending how much u ride
    10. 1st.timmer
      Hey. I wanted to know how often do you have to change out the fuelfilter on your bike? And I also have another question if I get all the parts how much would it be for you to pit on a clutch cable and the cable arm on the bike? Because I can buy the parts for it I just need to know how much it will be for you to put it on.
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    I own a computer business and a new MB business.
    I have a good long life working for myself, 'nuff said.