whats best for my need


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Dec 27, 2017

i want to use my bike in the forest where there is not perfectly plain terrain and little place to get speed.
I may carry some luggage in a child trailer to go fishing. I do not need speed higher than 20 kmh. i wish to be able to use the bike with muscular force(no motor) only when i get to a nice road.

I have a bad knee so i thought about using a 2 st or 4 stroke motor to help me ride. More importantly to help me get started and go uphills

my preference
I wish to be able to pedale when motor is off but i dont know if it is possible to have no resistence.

my concern
i saw that when you install a 4 stoke in the middle of the bike you need to also install some rather wide pedals wich do not seem to be ergonomic(pedaling with leg open). Maybe i can install the motor on a travel rack on top of the back wheel? or another setup would suit me well.

ps from what i read, electric would be to expensive and not as durable

I m waiting for your comments


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Dec 29, 2008
If it were me i would go with Dax http://thatsdax.com/

His engines have been beefed up some, with a little more power. And has a belt drive primary, no chain stretching to contend with. He is good to deal with, just call him with questions ...........Curt


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Dec 29, 2008
He goes through the engines and fine tunes them, 3 hp. Belt drive instead of chain, primary ( up front before before chain going to rear wheel ) Go to the site i sent and look , although not a kit for it, it could be mounted on rear rack, behind the seat. The front mount kit comes with wide pedal cranks.

Here we have the TITAN MAGNUM 4
Most PowerfulTitan Magnum 50cc 4
stroke Egnine, VR1 Belt Drive
Transmission, Belt Guard, Chrome
Header, 2 Piece Universal mount, Single
Piece Crank, 415 Chain, 44T rear
sprocket, 1/2 gallon black Tank, Twist
Throttle with kill switch, and more..
Everything you need except the
bicycle. This is the BEST 4 STROKE
50cc Motor and Kit for sale !! PERIOD !!
Only $349.99 and $38.00 Shipping.



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Jan 8, 2016
Mpls Mn
I have many gas bikes but....If you want zero pedal resistance, never hear a motor... get a geared front hub electric bike kit with battery for about 599 from bikeberry. It has a thumb throttle and you never have to start a motor. Just nudge the throttle when you want power to climb a hill or just feel tired. These geared motors are amazing. I get about 20 miles with zero pedaling and way more if I pedal once and awhile. Gas has its place but I love my ebike a ton and put on about 300 miles each month on it as I can ride on sidewalks, forest paths and never bother anyone. They are very torquey also.
Just food for thought.
They have rear geared hubs also but I prefer my front hub as it pulls me right through sand etc.and I have all wheel drive when I do pedal. Takes me only a hour or so to install also. I prefer the geared hubs as they are small and light and have more torque and are total stealth.


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Jun 3, 2012
Vancouver, British Columbia
If you want to pedal with no engine resistance you can go with a friction drive. I've never tried one but I think they would be pretty hard on the tire so do some research. Another way is to buy one of these: https://www.motorizedbicycle.ca/aftermarket-parts/hybriped-hybrid-pedal-sprocket.html

I have no personal experience with this locking/unlocking sprocket so again do some research. With this setup you would have to stop, get off the bike and unlock the sprocket to pedal with no resistance. It's just two pins that you pull out.

If you go with a two stroke you can get a larger rear sprocket than the stock 44 tooth which will give you more hill climbing and towing ability. If your goal is a top speed of 20kph you can get a pretty large rear sprocket. I think they go up to 72 teeth.