what oil for motorized 2 stroke bicycle

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    i have a kit built motorized bicycle that I bought for my son at college. I found out that he could ride it as a moped without insurance or a cycle endorsement.$12 for 3 years. The thing is a blast .25mph plus. I spent 12 hours correcting things that the previous owner did wrong or broke. I was wondering what would be a good oil for a cheap chinese 2 stroke. I used penzoil yellow bottle multi use 2 stroke oil for my first gallon and someone gave me a little bottle of red max (citgo) semi .
    Not sure what to use and unsure of the proper mixture.
    Any thoughts?
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    May 4, 2014
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    The recommended break-in gas to oil ratio is anywhere from 16:1 to 25:1.
    After that people use about 30:1 to 36:1 I believe. I think there's some kind of special oil out there that you run 100:1.
    Someone please correct me if my numbers are wrong!

    Sounds like your motor bike is already broken-in, this means you should use 30:1 to 36:1.

    I used that penzoil stuff in my first build and I thought it was great, just could never find it again... I've never heard of that red max oil, but if you want to be safe go out and get another bottle of that penzoil since it seemed to work for you! You can also go into any auto-store and they will have a section with some 2-stroke oil to choose from. As long as it's 2-stroke and for air-cooled engines you should be good, after all oil is oil.

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