What makes your ride reliable?



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Sep 26, 2008
I just replied to another thread about wheels and, as a few of you know, I build wheels. Part of the reason I build wheels is becuse I felt that it was sort of an under addressed componant of m/b's.

The very 1st thing I noticed about the kits is the shicruditty sprocket mount. It wasn't very long after that when I broke my hub and was done w/ "rubber donut sprocket mounts".

This key componant really made my bike reliable! .spr.

When I built my bike I'd read up and I have a fair amt of fabricating, mechanical, and motorcycle experience. So I replaced the ign wire, plug and cap, the studs and structural hardware, loctited/nyloc'd everything, and port matched the intake and exhaust. I also bypassed the whole kit chain and tensioner using bicycle chain.

I check all the time and all that ever comes loose is the front screw on my rear fender. It starts up every time, it doesn't leave me stranded, it's reliable!

What makes your bike reliable?

old motorbike

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Sep 21, 2008
Mine was reliable until I dismantled it to build another. Now if I could only find time to finish building the thing.
I chose a much better bike for the new one rather than the old dept store model I had. Using some better hardware for the new one. Better wheels, disc brake, front suspension, tires and tubes. Anything that didn't break or wear will stay.


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Oct 26, 2008
Australia Brisbane
hey tyrslider. My 1st build was a cheap mountain bikw with a zbox 50 kit. even with the stock sprocket mount and nothing done to the engine it was always reliable. I used to ride it everyday i got home from skool. always started. except once wen i had a flat.
and that was it.
Lets hope my new chooper will be as reliable


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May 18, 2008
Fountain Hills, Arizona
my jag has well over 3k miles
upgraded almost everything
front wheel sturmey-archer X-FD drum, alex double wall rim
rear wheel formula disc hub, ryno-lite double wall rim
springer fork
disc mount adapted sprocket
all hardware changed to allen head machine bolts (engine covers,manifolds, front motor mount)
custom 2 muffler clamp front mount
40 tooth sprocket from livefast
70cc tiger engine (livefast)
champion cj7y plug (.27 gap)
ngk cap
always had 5 oz/gal mix

I had always babied my other engines (3rd bike), my son in law (azvinnie) bought me this engine from Jim at livefast ...told me to go hard on it from the getgo, said if I blew it up, he'd replace it...so, I have been pounding this little thing for almost a year, most of those miles are pulling the trailer n girls

I have done nothing but put fuel in her since her completion
she pulls like a champ and does 20 @ approx 1/3 throttle
I guess I should add that I am about 155lbs

I hope I didn't just jinx myself rotfl
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Aug 2, 2008
For me, reliability is based on

Good engine choices-Mitsubishi 2.2hp TLE43;

Good bike choices-Raleigh Retroglide-male and female;

Good support from bike shop;

Personal commitment towards maintenance;.bld.

That second engine on the bike that shares the load and brings the wounded bike home..rd.