Wear a helmet!!!



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Oct 21, 2012
Can't say it enough. This happened recently near me. This poor 20-year-old dope has been in a coma for nearly a week, but had a high-probability of minor-injuries if he'd worn a helmet (and a probability of 1 if he'd stopped at the stop-sign). You can plainly see his head bounce on the asphalt. There is no helmet-law in Connecticut, and for some reason a large majority of riders seem to think it's a "No Helmet Law". I see guys ripping around here with their hair covered egg-shells flowing in the breeze. Dummies.


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Nov 28, 2012
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Yep a full face is why I blow through all the stop signs in my area!! :)

But seriously though that kid had it coming. He was hauling. Theory of evolution dude. No sympathy for the rider. Actually I sympathize with the car driver. His life is basically ruined now because of this guy who acted like an idiot. This guy will never be able to drive or even look at a car or a video of a car, or think when he hears "motorcycle" about that kid that killed himself. Just think. Ruined. Nightmares. Guys gonna be thinking about that accident every moment for the rest of his life. That's messed up.
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Feb 6, 2010
At the very least, I hope wanna-be riders will do their homework and be informed. Helmets may not be mandatory, but they can save lives. Following traffic laws can also. And so can driving defensively, as though you were invisible.
What this kid was thinking, I don't know. (*IF* he was thinking, I don't know.) No way of knowing now if a safety talk would have spared him. I bet if he lives, and feels like riding again, we may see a helmet on him. Kinda sad that stuff like this is sometimes what it takes for some people.


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Jun 3, 2012
Vancouver, British Columbia
You absolutely must wear a motorcycle helmet.

I remember reading a news piece a few years ago about a motorcycle accident involving one of those idiots on a Harley. The police spokesman referred to the rider's helmet as a "novelty helmet". You know, those stupid little lids with no crash certification.

No offence to harley riders, but too many of them I've seen wearing these little lids. The accident could have easily involved a crotch rocket rider since they often tend to race around but they also tend to wear full armored gear and proper helmet. Then again, at excessive speeds...

Anyway, my point is: You absolutely must wear a motorcycle helmet.

ps - that kid is now deceased