Way too many


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Dec 28, 2007
Duvall, WA PNW
I just got from taking daughter #1 for two hour batting practice.....but the cool thing is the batting cages are really near Harbor Freight. ;) (and a good Mexican restaurant). So I had a bowl of birria after I got me some Chinese stuff for working on the bike.


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
My bike was repaired so I got to sit at the computer bored out of my mind since tv is the vast waste land they describe for me these days. I am waiting patiently for my ebay weed wacker engine to arrive so I can work on it.

You know I could have bought a complete weed wacker 25cc here for just twenty bucks more but it would have needed much less work. I think I bought the one that needs work, just to have something to do.

Retirement sucks believe it or not. I keep thinking about going back to work but always get talked out of it by my wife believe it or not.