Trouble starting then...

Jordan Siple

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May 16, 2018
Hey all, this is my first motorized bicycle and my first post. So first after I received and installed my kit everything went very smoothly. I was able to get 'er started without too much trouble and it road really well for 2 months. Then after sitting for about a week with no riding I decided to take it for a spin just to keep things running properly. I couldn't get it started right away but eventually got it going. Then for the next few rides I had some difficulty getting it started, had to peel a LOT more then usual etc., then one day I tried to start her up but she just wouldn't go. I think I flooded the engine with the tickle button trying to prime it so it would start. But eventually I did get it started with an electric drill, yes I know it's not good for it, but it did turn over and start running. With the clutch in and after running for about 5 mins I tried giving it a little throttle and it as soon as I released it she killed over. I have not been able to get it started since, this is going on about 2 weeks of troubleshooting, I have replaced gaskets, spark plug, CDI ignition wire (even though it had and now still has strong spark) I have remounted to make sure the carburetor is nice and level, I have realigned the magneto and magnet, I have cleaned the carburetor thoroughly, I've disconnected kill switch and made straight solder connections (blue to blue black to black and white capped off) I've checked and made sure that I do have compression, spark, and fuel but still not running (I know if you have those three things there really shouldn't be a reason for it not to turn over) I am just wondering if I've missed something so I am doing a complete disassemble today but was hoping anyone on here might know of what type of issue I might be having. Thanks to all who respond and I will keep updating.


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Sep 30, 2012
if it seemed to smoke too much when it started, then motor might be full of fuel from leaving petcock on

if that isn't it, then a compression check should be done