Tron Light-Cycle?


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Apr 18, 2017
Whatcom County, Washington
Hello All,
I'm a newbie to this form and on my way to building a motorized bike.

I'm using a huffy cruiser frame that has been re welded to be unique. (is still in the welding shop, pics tonight).

For engine I am using a Raw Racer 66cc:

The question I have is I'm wanting to change the stance I sit on the bike similar in pose to the light-cycle from TRON.

I DO have access to welders of all kinds, engine shops, and am tool handy. I'm just not knowledgeable what is possible, what seats are available, and what can be done with handlebars and all that jazz. One idea I had was using a longer seat, such as on a motorcycle :

And then using custom drop handlebars, but I think this is a far fetched design and need some more experience input on execution.


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Sep 4, 2008
That 83 Schwinn may be great in the velodrome but I would not ride it on the cracked and cratered streets where I live. I had a nice fixie a few years back but I used bull horn bars.


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Jan 12, 2017
im going to guess that you want to be as low to the ground as possible, with a fairly aerodynamic posture?

thats easy really. try using a roadmaster mtn sport. the frame is just large enough to hold the 66, but requires either a new low profile carb, or a slight seat tube modification. you can then drop the seat as low as it will go, and put drop bars on it. this way, you have the larger tires of a mountain bike, but the posture of a road bike, while also being as low to the ground as possible. also, because the mtn sport is already fairly close to the ground, you may want to check pedal clearances, and possibly have a kind of locking mechanism for the pedals, with pegs behind the furthest pedal to the rear.