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Hot Dog Piggy Tails

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Sep 11, 2008
Kelso Wa
This one is probably a little fasst for the thrill seeker but maybe not If she needs it governed I can do it. I pedaled just a little bit up my shop driveway it hit powerband at the same time and flip had to pull the clutch and let it freewheel burnout. HEH.. Power plant is a LIVEFast motors TIGER Brand 70. This one was Build for an old Friend that wanted to get his GirlFriend a Good form of Fun and Efficient Transpo. I Built it with the oversized grade 5 Motor Mount studs, port matched, a Superior performer. Geometry and Chain Idler roll well with second positioning. The oval chainstays are not prone to the Circle ones you have to have a machine screw for. Its a Performer,.

I Start the break in period with Maximas Smokeless 2 stroke racing oil..16:1.



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Sep 4, 2008
Good looking build. Strap the lower end of your muffler to the frame with perforated strap or something similar to support the weight. It will prevent your upper exhaust pipe from cracking. Cheers