these are the bikes I have been working on


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Jul 3, 2008
Hi all,

already posted a pic of one of my bikes, thought you might be interested in the other projects I have been working on. I have put together 2 bikes with the engine mounted in the frame. One is a 50cc and the other a 60cc. The 60 is by far the better bike. To say it has only 10cc extra, the performance is so much better. When I was first looking into this bike conversion thing, I had a lot of experience with gopeds, as I was selling them in the UK. So the first option was to mount one of the goped engines on a bike.( see pics) this actually works really well and would be a cheep alternative to anyone who has one of these engines lying about. The benefit of these being they have a centrafugal clutch which makes them so easy to ride.The draw back is you need to be able to manufacture the mounting plate and bearing housings, Tho all the other parts ie bearings, gears, shafts can be found on a doner goped..The bike has a top speed of just over 20mph, but gets there in good time.With a smaller final drive sprocket top speed could be easily increased...Hope this has helped or even inspired someone to do a "self build" rather than takin the easy route and buyin a kit !! If anyone want some more detailed pics of the build I can email them..

Yours in speed,