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    What are the super high quality parts that are available for these projects. I realize that sometimes the high quality parts have to be made in your own garage. But what about whats available for retail?

    Motors. Which Chinese motors from whom do you think are the best and most reliable? Motor mounts. There are some mounts that I saw for sale from one of the sponsors. These aluminum pieces were gorgeous.

    How about cranks and pedals? Yes, I know there is alot out there? But what have you used? Front shocks? Whatever.

    I am pretty new to the bike scene. I want to build a very nice bike. Something very special. Costs are not the major concerns. Reliabily and fit/finish are important.

    I have decided to go with a suspended hardtail with a single speed.

    Thanks for all of the input.

    Need to make a few of these bikes to give away as a fund raiser for the local schools Annual Auction.

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    I think all in all, price for product & available aftermarket parts for motorizing - the Worksman Industrial Bicycles are currently the best combination of price and quality - quality applicable to motorizing that is ;) Nice, stout frames with the potential for an in-frame tank due to the doubled top bars, very nice overbuilt wheels w/drum brakes included. There's also stainless tanks and custom motor mounts available, add in a shiftkit w/a good three speed (personal favorite/opinion) and you've pretty much eliminated most of the problematic areas (the shiftkit includes a very nice set of pedal arms, there's bottom bracket conversion kits for 3pc available too). There's also some "beefed up" Monark springer forks being offered, I've not tried them but you can check 'em out here:

    Check out sportscarpat's build ta see if it's something ou'd be interested in:

    As for the engines... well... they're not all the same, but close 'nuff to make the minor discrepancies irrelevant - best bet is to order from a reputable vendor whom honors their warranty, just in case ya get a dud... it happens *shrug*
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    I agree I have a set of the "Beefed Up Shocks" and I am so glad I got them, I would also like to add Venice Motor Bikes disc brake adapter it works like a dream, haven't used one yet but here lots of good about Manic Mechanics hub adapter available from Pirate Cycles,got the engine bolt upgrade kit from Sick Bike Parts its a pretty good deal for some assurance of non-snapped/stripped bolts, also have the Expansion chamber exhaust from them. Im interested in finding performance quality CDI's and Magnetos!!


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