starting engine with freewheel


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Jan 6, 2009
st.petersburg fla
ok i know usually the rear wheel moving will start the engine when you pop the clutch but the rear sprocket is solid mounted

i have a jackshaft i made and a freewheel on the rear gunna have to start it using the pedals instead of the momentum of the bike

is that gunna be a PITA?


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Jun 29, 2008
memphis tn
That is how the folks with a SBP shift kit have to start their bikes. I've not heard anyone complaining about it, so I'd think you'd have no problems with it.


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Jul 7, 2008
It just takes some practice... I practiced first without the shift kit to determine how much leg power it requires to start... It's really not that difficult as long as you get the technique and leg power for it. You can view the technique in youtube. That's where I learned how to do it... The more difficult it is to start, the more powerful is the engine because of a higher compression ratio. - at least that's what I think... who cares!! as long as you can start it... Yes?
Sep 20, 2008
Clearwater, FL
Bretts bike is like this, (he did a jackshaft set-up).

It did take a little getting used to simply because of old habits. Normally I pedal up to a good speed, stop pedaling and pop the clutch. With this setup you have to keep pedaling. It's easy as long as you get up to speed first. If you are trying to get up to speed and pedaling against the motor at the same time it's more difficult.



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Jan 23, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
The one thing I worried about when getting the "Shift Kit" was would I be able to start the engine. My unshifted engine requires a bit of pedalling to get get it going. Cold early mornings are a pain in the rear. Hearing that I would have to turn over the engine just pedalling made me very nervous.

So there I was with a brand new engine and the shift kit installed. I pedal the bike to get it rolling, stood up on the pedals while pedaling and let out the clutch. Pedaling just stopped, pulled in the clutch and pedalled some more. I stood again and rather than pedaling I put the pedal just past the top of arc. let out the clutch and slammed my awesome 120 lbs on the pedal. Heard the piston move in the cylinder. Reverse pedalled and did it again, Three time I did this and then engine fired up. It sputtered a bit as I gave it some more gas and stayed running.

After that first time I had a working method for starting the bike.

Things to note: 1) With the freewheel it starts in lower gears, in 5th or 6th I am fighting the engine and the wheel. 2) Rolling along lets you think about starting the bike not falling over off balance. 3) "Slamming" down is probably not the way to go if you are slamming 200lbs down on the pedal, just putting your weight on it probably works. 4) I get tired pulling the cord on my lawn mower, more than 4 times.