SCSW Boxer is out of production


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Jul 31, 2011
Well, I talked to Terry at BlowByU and later Dean confirmed it: The SCSW Boxer is out of production. Reasons? Well, Dean fell on hard times and these bikes weren't really made for profit, so Dean can't afford to spend the time to make them anymore. Too bad, because I was looking to purchase one. Guess I was just too late. If anyone wants to sell me theirs I will give them a good price. If you think about it, it was a pretty good deal, since a new one was only $2200 with the most similar bike, the Motoped, running upwards of $4000. I budgeted a similar bike, and it worked out to around:

$650 - Motor
$200 - Rear shock
$300 - Front Fork
$400 - Wheels
$200 - Frame
$300 - Various

Which works out to around $100 profit. But if you add in labor and the various and asundry services it isn't that much. Well, the good can't last forever I guess. Hopefully there will be more.