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  • Just finished installing the DAX 9 HP engine on a bike, minimum break-in, made dynamometer runs. Bike easily reaches 51 MPH, no doubt with gearing change it will reach 70 MPH. Prepared for the races in Kentucky over Memorial Day. Used expansion chamber. BTY, engine to output sprocket is 3.5:1.
    Ron Dow
    [email protected]
    Hello robin. i was looking around the morini ares and found youre thread. i noticed you said you wer going to buy a bmw and sell youre scsw boxer. i am going to order one soon and thought ide ask on a price. i live in california nad shipping maw be alot though. well thank you and you can email me at [email protected]

    My Morini is the 5.8hp. I believe the 9.4 is the same and would bolt right up. The difference should be a bigger carb and a 4 valve reed and different ignition system. But the rest of the motor is the same between the two. But I have never seen a 9.4 up close so i am only assuming.

    My personal opinion? I would get a motorcycle, 5hp is the limit for me on bicycles. The 5hp is fast enough and mine tops out at 40mph with the gearing I have I dont want to go faster then that on a bicycle. Even on the BoXer which is custom built to handle way more then 5hp.

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