Rear sprocket size??????

Discussion in 'Hubs, Gearboxes, Sprockets and Chains' started by harry76, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Jul 28, 2010
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    80 is really a 66cc.
    28 tooth rear sprocket is only for a highly modified engine.

    Depending on your weight and if you have hills to climb a 36 tooth would
    be the smallest for a stock engine.
    Have you tried riding with the usual 44 tooth sprocket?
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    I ended up using a 41 tooth on my 66cc bike, on the 48cc the 44 was better. It all depends on your weight, the terrain where you ride and how much you want to pedal. I have modified both motors with custom pipes, the 48cc actually went slower with a smaller sprocket because it was not in the power band. I would suggest you try it as it comes and go from there.

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