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  • Hi I saw a post you did about your fixie whippet,
    Is that your bike? And if so wjere did you get the gas tank and what kind of gas tank is it?
    Hi Harry The pedals are on ebay they are listed under bycycle parts Vintage style CD rubber diamond block pattern pedals 9/16 they are $ 15...US and $24 for postage...user name is..nomco all the best DD
    Thanks for the advice DD, much appreciated. I cant wait to get one but will watch for a while to get a cheap one like you said. Many thanks
    Hi Harry...continued.....I have got a Hurless HP30 mill drill had it for 35 years...just wait your time and one will come up for about $300 mark .. new the are 1500..got a good size bed 2' long x 12' wide...you will need a engine hoist to lift it..3 men cant pick it up..the newer Chinese square tower machines a pretty crapy and cant do very big cuts before shuddering..I personaly would not buy one....need to spend 3000 on a chinese machine before you will get any thing decent...talk to you latter Dare
    Hi Harry...Mine is not branded with Sied ..but it is basically the same ..the newer ones have where the controls are in a different position...mine has a 12" bed the 14" longer bed is better..if you can afford it..dosent sound much but its the difference between doing a job and not doing it...Dont touch a lathe-mill combo...there useless as the mill is a toy and will get int the way when you are working on the lathe especially if you were cutting inner threads as you need to lean over it to see what you are doing....I was able to get the XL rear hub in the lathe but thats about the limit...and longer pieces of 2 to 3" OD pipe Like 8" long is just about impossible to machine the inside ..these would be jackshaft size pipes..the steadies you get with the machine wont open that wide..and the tailstock isnt very accurate...I have modified mine... one of the first accessory's you will need is a live center for the tail stock...continued
    Hi Harry....I brought my lathe from Ozmestore1 on Ebay...they were good to deal with...if you buy one.. bid on it dont buy it straight out....you will get a better deal and might have to bid on several to get one at a good price...I think I bid on about 8 off them over 4 weeks and finished up getting mine fo $610 plus shipping...Its a matter of timing..I saw one go recently for $390...Best regards Dare
    Thanks for the info. I am getting a belt clutch and have gone to the hardware store to get some stuff to make the larger pulley work. An art covering that I can remove when I want from the bike is something that I will also working on concurrently. I got a cold the last 5 days, but altleast I tried one day an got my idea in mind a got a few more parts to be when I'm out there working on the machine again. MT a few pics of exhaust build http://motorbicycling.com/showthread.php?p=361136#post361136
    Measure twice.....The larger pulley by the seatpost on the primary belt is 4".... i had to reduce the size of the engine pulley from 4" (shown in some pictures) to a 2 1/4" (ill confirm that tommorrow) to make the bike ridable.............. and the picture of mine you linked didnt work so i dont know what you are referring to
    The pulley size used?

    [20:53] MEASURE TWICE
    I am doing a gear down with pulley in mind with the jack shaft w/ 2 times reduced about 2 in to 10 and again so like 5 times 5 = 25 gear down for hope 5 mph at 2k rpm
    [20:50] MEASURE TWICE
    http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/...Picture748.jpg this pic of your shows it. I was wondering cuase I want to be sure I have not too wide an angle that the belt approaches small pulley.. less contact on pulley
    [20:46] MEASURE TWICE
    Harry67 was wondering what the sized of the pulley on the BTR, the one by the seat post tube?
    Gday Harry, ive been watching your progress with the Villiers beach cruiser for sometime,great work.Im just starting on my build, with my brother. Top work Tim.
    Does my thinking on what Msrfan about the recoil start comment make sense. You have what about 40 to 45 degree forward tilt on your engine mount to frame.
    Hi Harry. Nice looking bike. You really stuffed that motor in there. As far as your ratios are concerned it should be easy enough to figure. I think you may do better with around a 10:1 overall drive ratio. Not to fast top speed and easy to take off and go up hills. An 11 tooth sprocket along with a 5'' pulley should get you there. If a 10 is easier to acquire then a slightly smaller pulley should do nicely and maybe fit better. I'm assuming you're using #41 or other 1/2'' pitch chain. The angle is steep so oil level will be improtant. As long as the dipper splashes, you should be okay. You always amaze me how fast you build or modify something. I hope it makes it to the show. I doubt there has ever been one quite like it. It's looks very well built and solid. Don't forget to gusset any suspected weak joints. I'll check your thread often. Thanks for the message, always a pleasure. Dale.
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