Rack Mounted Friction Drive Over Rear Tire?


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May 9, 2021
hi question for knowledgeable enthusiast's on this forum. i was looking at the Staton Fdr for honda 35cc,50cc or china clones since they seem noob proof and less punishing on the bike itself. the only issue I have with it is that they sit out on the side of the bike where they could get clipped by something or tip over if you have a heavier motor on it. so my question for anyone is if their is a kit or individual parts that allows the engine to sit on top of the tire (maybe bolted on top on the U bracket with staton kits) like how the rack mounted chain drives from livefast are and use a Belt or chain to turn the drive roller?

Sidewinder Jerry

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Dec 19, 2011
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I have a Staton Inc rear rack mount which drives a shift kit. My solution was to add a one side folding kickstand, a left side basket and a long kickstand connected to the basket.


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Oct 28, 2010
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I have built FDs in many configurations. Over the rear tire, over front tire, beside the rear tire, etc. Have built direct drives, belt drives with auto clutches etc. I generally use larger 4strokes. When mounted above the tire they work well, but are top heavy. Moving the engine down to a direct drive on the left reduces the top heavy feel a good bit. My oldest and favorite FD runs a 98cc Lifan direct with a scissor lift. It balances pretty well.
Using smaller engines, weight is not so much of an issue in the different mounting locations. In my opinion, a direct drive is
the holy grail of FDs as there is no drive except for the roller. Quiet, smooth, trouble free. Smaller faster turning engines work
but are generally buzzy/ noisy. A larger bore 4s turning larger roller slower is a very nice ride.
I had a Lifan 98cc powered mtn bike turning a 2.75” roller that was capable of the mid forties and was very smooth about it.
The build is in this forum archives somewhere.