Northeast Moped Racing


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Mar 3, 2013
Just in case you guys didn't know, there's a racing league in upstate new york for vintage mopeds. Last year was the inaugural season and it was a blast. This year we're hoping even more people show up! The reason I'm posting here is because I know that out on the west coast they have race days with both traditional mopeds and motorized bicycles so perhaps you guys would be allowed to come race with us. If you guys are interested, you should check out the website and contact the guys putting it on to see if they'd have a problem letting you compete (the rules are pretty lax). It's 65 bucks to race and you can race in every class if you really wanted to. On a side note, I'd love the opportunity to show you how slow all your bikes are

PS I made this same post in some other section of this website, but this section looks like the right one :)