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Aug 1, 2011
New Rochelle, NY
I am a bike junkie. To prove it, here's a link to my blog: Bicycle(s) - I am a Bicycle Junky and these are my ramblings..

I love Worksman Cycles. I visit their factory whenever I am in the neighborhood. I have no affiliation with the Company, but I am a strong advocate.

I also like motorbikes. My first was a Canondale Mt. Bike with a Wilderness Experience eHub motor - I used for commuting (and I blogged about it too). Next was a Honda CH80, now I commute daly around New York City on a Yamaha YP400 (Majesty Maxi Scooter).

When ever I ride I smile (and swallow a lot of bugs).

I can try and answer any Worksman questions, and I am close enough to the factory to pick up any parts.