1. U

    Worksman 26" HD wheelset alloy rims 11g stainless spokes front drum rear shimano nexus 3 speed rear

    For sale on the bay Perfect motorized bicycle wheelset Worksman HD wheelset... not the steel rim and cheaper steel spokes front automotive style drum brake Rear shimano nexus 3 speed internal geared hub Aluminum alloy rims heavy duty dimpled rims 11g (3mm) Stainless Steel spokes $325 on...
  2. RocketJ

    It's getting there...

    I started this project about 6 months ago. It's slowly, but surely getting there.
  3. Zoom XF

    Zoom's 1912 Indian Board Track Replica

    I have been planning a build for about a month with the goal of doing it on a budget. I found a donor bike today at the Pomona Swap Meet ($140). It is a Worksman bike, which should facilitate a good foundation for the build. I want it to have some patina, with probably more rust than paint...
  4. B

    New Worksman Drum Brake Hub - No Stopping Power

    I just installed a new front drum brake wheel on my bike, took it for a spin, hit the brake, and was VERY disappointed in the way it did not stop me at all. If I yank hard on the brake, I can go from 7mph to stop in about 20 feet. Is this normal for a drum brake? I've never had one before...
  5. AttackCadillac

    Worksman frame tube size?

    Hi, i'm new to the whole motorized bike scene and i'm building a early Indian tribute with a Worksman frame. My question is what size frame tubing does a Worksman Newsboy use (I'm stretching the frame) and more importantly where do you get it from. Thanks much, AttackCadillac
  6. UWMrider

    WTF Worksman frame

    Hi guys. Just wondering if somebody had an extra Worksman frame laying around they would be willing to part with. Looking to build my second bike in the theme of a BTR on a college budget. Thanks!
  7. waistofhumanspace

    Original Worksman Rims FORSALE ($150.00)

    If you are interested call (231)220-5207 located in Mi. I will ship anywhere in Comtinental United States
  8. Zinger

    Let's ride

    Well not quite yet. Gathering all the pieces to do a Briggs powered Emory Cruiser. And then hopefully a Morini powered Worksman BTR. Met a few of you at the first Grange race. Good fun ! Good people ! Any folks in Las Vegas drop me a line. Always looking for other like minds. Christopher
  9. Pumpkinhead


    I am a bike junkie. To prove it, here's a link to my blog: Bicycle(s) - I am a Bicycle Junky and these are my ramblings.. I love Worksman Cycles. I visit their factory whenever I am in the neighborhood. I have no affiliation with the Company, but I am a strong advocate. I also like...