New motorized bicycle in TN


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Aug 28, 2008
Hi all,

About a month ago I rescued a Huffy that was tied on the back of a neighbors RV for a long time, got it cheap :) Took about six hours and a lot of brasso to get the rust off the chrome and make it shine again and then some lube to make it happy again.

Yesterday my 48CC motor kit came in, ordered it on ebay, and spent most the day installing it. The only part that I knew right away was going to be trouble was the chain tensioner. For one it looked like junk, didn't fit well, and was sloppy in its movement. After it derailed my chain several times I ended up removing it entirely, removed another link in the chain to make it snug, and adjusted my rear wheel to take up the slack.

She started up fine though and after the chain tensioner removal I was able to get in a couple shorter rides. Would have went for another in the evening but rain moved in. Looking forward to riding this morning :)

I am going to take it easy during the brake in period but it sure is fun. Watched on the news this morning how the speculators are already raising oil prices because a storm is brewing in the gulf that could effect oil production. Is that the craziest thing you ever saw? There is always a storm of some sort brewing somewhere.

Well I am doing my part in decreasing demand for oil and plan on using my lil 48CC instead of the 454 CI GM... In fact I took gas out of the main tank for my bike :) I am currently a full time RVer in a park in Eastern TN and my motorized bicycle can serve all my transportation needs. Fifty cents a mile to run the RV is just unacceptable.

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Jan 8, 2008
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Re: New MB in TN

Welcome to the biggest best motorized bicycle site on the web!

Don't baby it too much during break-in, just make sure you vary the throttle amount and engine speed often.
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Jan 27, 2008
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Re: New MB in TN

Welcome to the forum. Be sure to post some pictures of your build. We all love to look at motorized bicycle pictures. Glad you joined us....................


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Jan 15, 2008
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Re: New MB in TN

If your pedal chain is loose, mine always was. that is the place for that piece of garbage tensioner. Ride like you live.