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Considering that a lot of gasoline stations down here are out of gas ... and there are long lines at the ones that do have gas ... I decided our 2nd vehicle (my wife owns the car) would be a motorized bike. I may get wet some days, but it would certainly save on fuel ... and get me there faster than just pedaling. I bought a Power King "limited" from BlueCollarBikes of the "80cc" version. The problem was that it would NOT fit on any of my current bicycles. It could be put on my neighbor's Peugeot bicycle provided we put pedal cranks that flair out ... because the current ones would hit the engine ... or find some way of mounting the engine above the tops of the cranks.

So I also bought a GEBE and I'm putting it on my Sun EZ-Speedster SWB recumbent bicycle. I need the replacement solid axle instead of the QR (quick release) ... I had it shipped Overnight mail ... the Post Office merely left a little note in my mailbox this morning (too late for me to pick it up today - they are only open from 0800-1000) telling me that they have it ... they couldn't be bothered to come to my door or leave it on the porch. :confused:

Next thing I'll have to do is worry about getting some decent lights ...

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Jan 27, 2008
Ptown, Texas
Welcome to the forum. We have lots of motorized bicycle enthusiasts on this site. We're glad you joined us............................


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May 26, 2008
Deep in the American South
welcome, Freth! there're several other Alabamian motor bicyclists here in the forum.

wow! looked at your recumbents - you've got some fabrication skills that will serve you well in the motor bike world.

i've also been having trouble getting my engine out of the way of pedals and ankles, but i think i've found a frame that solves all my problems. good luck with your build.


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Got the GEBE mounted ... had to make a few mods ... the throttle cable "freeplay" was an issue ... had to take the disk brake off the rear and install a "V" brake unit that I took off the front of another bike ... next I need to work on a way of taking more fuel with me so that I can make longer rides. So far it has been only a 25 miles roundtrip thing ... one itsy-bitsy tank. A bunch of rides later ... I've almost used up my first gallon of fuel. Click on link below to see fotos ...
I installed it on a Sun EZ-Speedster SWB recumbent ... unless you are directly behind it, you don't realize I've got a motor on it. Rides great! Love pedal-powering up hills !!