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Jan 27, 2008
Ptown, Texas
Welcome to the forum. That is a cool/exotic looking ride. What kind of speed and range are you getting with that? Glad you joined us.......................
Hey guys, well as far as speed and range go....I'm averaging around 24 MPH. Range is unknown thus far. The farthest I've ridden it is 13.5 miles and it seemed to have plenty of juice left. Planning on acquiring a meter soon. It's sort of like asking how far can you go on a gallon of gas. It depends on the terrain, the wind, MPG, weight of rider, how much you peddle. I believe I'll have about a 25 mile range with the way I ride and pedal. We'll see.


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Jun 28, 2008
Holly Pond, AL
Hey Wayne,

When you ride around you notice a lot more on the bike, and I'm constantly counting things along the way. Monday I came into Cullman on US 69, stopped at the store in Fairview.

When I left the parking lot, not one car/truck passed me until I got nearly to Red Haynes Angus Farm (about 2 miles), and by that time I'd already seen 3 Canyonnero type vehicles for sale in peoples yards (lots of boats and ski-doos for sale nowadays too).

So I started keeping up with it, and from Fairview until the Country Cafe in Simco, only 8 vehicles passed me, but I counted 11 Big Jeeps/Ford Expedition type SUV's for sale. Pretty pitiful, on a US Highway, more gas guzzlers for sale than on the road.

I'm the guy whose been running those "Motorized Bike" ads in the Shoppers Guides since 2005, we'll get together sometime in town, I usually arrive at St Bernard/Ave Maria Grotto to refuel on those Cullman runs about 10 am whenever I come to town.
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