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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by VTHokie, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Hey all,
    I just recently decided to build a motorized bicycle, and I wanna lay out the things I purchased for advice. Mind you, I just purchased these things, so don't be too harsh haha!

    I purchased a Schwinn Delmar 26" Men's bicycle from Walmart:

    I also purchased a 66/80cc 2 stroke (Chinese) from

    Both will be arriving in the mail within the next couple of weeks.

    My concerns are the following:
    I read somewhere about cheaply built front fenders coming loose and jamming in the front wheel, dangerously tossing the rider. Does my Schwinn Delmar have a cheap front fender that fits this description, and if so, can it be reinforced?
    Secondly, I read that a front brake is absolutely necessary, and my Schwinn Delmar doesn't have one. I assumed (incorrectly) that handlebar brakes would interfere with the throttle. Can I have one installed -- or install one myself -- without interfering with the engine kit (I realize this may be a dumb question)?
    Lastly, how safe are these motorized bicycles? By buying a $130 Walmart bicycle, and a cheap Chinese 2 stroke, am I putting myself at risk of serious injury? Will the bike hold up?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hello VTHokie welcome to

    Its really not so much as the fender, as it is the fender mounts. I personally have not seen a fender mount not fail at some point. With the added speed and vibrations fender mounts just seem to fail.

    In my opinion, if you don't reinforce the fender then remove them. Here is a great thread on the subject with lots of mounting idea's There is plenty of more great threads just run a search.

    I won't say its absolutely necessary but I don't ride anymore without both front and back brakes. If you ride long enough there will be a time you are glad you had them. Lets face it, its just safer and the smart thing to do.

    Some as me, run a dual pull lever set up, others just run all the levers. Me personally I prefer the dual lever set up.

    Its as safe as you make it, and as safe as you ride it in my opinion.
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    Sep 15, 2011
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    Do a bit of ebay shopping good quality fender struts are available an reasonably priced
    Again do some searching you can add a dual pull brake lever if you want , I use them on every one I build , front an rear brakes just make sence , if ya can go faster stopping is even better .
    an Dave said it best >>>Its as safe as you make it, and as safe as you ride it in my opinion.
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    I have a friend that built a delmar and eventually removed the fenders, after replacing the braces the fenders started cracking all over due to thin material. You can add a bmx side pull front brake through the fender mounting hole, look for a brake set with a 96mm reach for bmx use. This will clear the 2.125 tire.

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