My Two-Stroked Motorized Schwinn Cruiser

Bean Oil

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Jan 10, 2008

I've put almost 250 miles on it so far, usually in 15-mile trips to the coast and back.

There've been some issues with a balky coaster brake; issues that would have been the same with or without the motor, ironically. Bent the frame from one of the brake incidents and I didn't slam the brake on... I've since rebuilt the brake and after banging the chainstay and seatstay back into shape, so far, so good.

There's been some motor chain rub on the rear tire that's been happening since day one; that should be solved with the installation of the proper rag joint mounting gaskets at the rear sprocket spacing the chain a little farther outboard and the use of narrower KMC BMX chain instead of the wider-than-necessary kit chain. The motor drive sprocket is now narrowed for the BMX chain.

Finally, the cheesy but effective side-pull caliper front brake flexes a bunch, pointing the longer, softer brake shoes upward into the front tire... LOL. A realign of the shoes seems to have solved that problem... all's good now that I've butchered two new tires. Hahaha... The motor itself and it's peripherals have been trouble-free.

I'm looking forward to getting to meet more motored bike enthusiasts here.

Until then... may your plugs never foul.



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Jan 27, 2008
Ptown, Texas
Re: My Two-Stroked Schwinn Cruiser

Nice bike. I like that rear coaster brake. It gets rid of that big long cable. I like the nice clean look..................


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Jan 30, 2008
Hurricane Utah
Re: My Two-Stroked Schwinn Cruiser

I like the motor mounts, Did you make them? I wish something like that came in the kit. I still need a good mount for the front of my Schwinn. Have fun, Dave


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Oct 23, 2010
Eastern Oregon
Sweet bike man, sweet.

I traded a newer bike for an early 60's Huffman/Huffy, but want to put a four stroke on it. Hope to have it ready to go for the Spring. I'm not sure it will pull/push me though; I quit smoking the day they cut into me for lung tissue to rule out cancer as the cause of the spots on both lungs, and I am now 260 and pushing for another round of approaching 300#. Good thing I'm 6'7". The two stroke does a pretty good job when it's running well, but want a nice clean quiet motor on the oldie.

If any of you guys or gals will admit to weighing close to me and run a four cycle, I'd like to know how it does for you.

Thanks, and again, sweet bike!



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Feb 6, 2010
I have over 16,000 miles on my 4cycle,,,
most of them pulling 300+ lbs of granddaughters and trailer :)

ps,,,I am 145lbs ;)

I was amazed your bike motor was able to handle pulling all the extra weight so effortlessly - until I noticed the, what, 128 or-so tooth rear sprocket. :) She probably isn't the fastest bike on the planet, but with kids back there you wouldn't want to be. And you could almost haul whatever you want. Nice ride.