My Schwinn Landmark 4 stroke Stolen!


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Jul 7, 2008
Sacramento, CA
My Schwinn Landmark 4 stroke Stolen in Sacramento, CA!

Just a heads up to anyone in or near Sacramento, California. My MB was stolen yesterday around 1pm and I'm putting out an all points bulletin. Here's a picture of my ride.

This is an old picture so it doesn't look exactly like the picture. It's a Schwinn Landmark with the following modifications.
custom painted orange metalic gas tank to match the frame, aluminum mountain bike handlebars, oval mirror mounted to the left end of the handlebar, suspension seatpost, thumbshifter mounted on left handlebar, Performance rear rack with waterproof electrical junction box mounted on it for the lighting, A 4G belt drive kit on a Huasheng engine with 15mm output shaft, Manic Mechanic sprocket hub adapter and aluminum sprocket, home made magneto alternator powering a 10 watt LED headlight and an LED tail light.
California Licence Plate #C034285
Frame serial # SNFSB08M71614
Engine serial # T05010142
I've been scanning craigslist and ebay and putting up flyers. I'm offering a $100 reward for any information that leads to the recovery of the bike. Thanks
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Jun 25, 2011
I live 35 miles to the North of you, I'll watch for it. I had 2 bikes stolen this year but they didn't have motors but it still took a while for me to calm down.


May 13, 2011
I had a situation like that about to years ago. Yellow mongoos no motor got stole, put reward in paper and the people called and we met up. I knew they were involved so I just gave em 15 bucks. There face asked for more. I had a
Dream last night that a kid stole mine. In the dream he set off my alarm at tried to ride away,I investigated he couldn't peddalnit away and fell, I beat poo out of em. Glad you got it back though.