My first motorized bicycle "trip" and I have a collision...


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Jun 23, 2008
Longmont, CO
...with a bee. Freaking ouch. I hit that sucker head on at 25mph. The speed of the bee is unknown, and so is the bee's condition.

It nailed me right in the throat. That hurt so bad. I got to the stop light and it felt like my neck was on fire. Holy crap.

I've never been stung by a bee before (or anything flying for that matter). I can't believe it took me 24.5 years to get stung by a bee.

What's funny is a lot of people I've talked to that ride motorcycles and such...they've all been nailed by a bee soon after they started riding.

But other than that, the trip was good. Wasn't much of a trip, but I went a couple miles to visit my wife at the coffee shop and get an orange Italian soda (yum).


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
Re: My first MB "trip" and I have a collision...

I got hit in the adams apple with a rock during a race one time....I had several day's of trouble swallowing.

My friends brother who rides a Harley was driving in from Phoenix to Tucson and doesn't wear a helmet because he has to be one of those tuff guy's :rolleyes:
Got knocked out cold and spent a week in the hospital after a bird hit he's head on Interstate 10... We call him Fabio now rotfl


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Mar 21, 2008
Treasure Coast, Florida
Re: My first MB "trip" and I have a collision...

One flew into my helmet one time I was riding my motorcycle, and by the time I stopped and pryed the helmet off, the side of my head had swelled up. Found out later I was allergic to bees. Soon got a full face helmet.......


Jan 20, 2008
Re: My first MB "trip" and I have a collision...

In the late 70s I was driving my Big Yamaha on the highway with a good friend on the back when I saw a bird heading straight for my head , I ducked . I saw my buddies ankles go past my ears . The bird did not hit him but the sudden 60 mile an hour blast of air nearly knocked him off of the back . He swore a blue streak at me for the next 3 miles . ....... D.J.
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