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    Mar 9, 2009
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    I my bike back from the shop. They got the rear sprocket lined up for me. The bike runs good. Still needs some tweeking. My question, the oil I got to mix said that it replaces 16:1 through 50:1 mixes. So I just followed the oils intrsuctions and everything seems fine. Should I still mix the gas to 16:1? I put a picture to show what the bike looks like so far. You can see the shortness of the cables. And I haven't put the rear fender or the chainguard on. I'll be finshing all that good stuff over spring break.

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    Nice looking bike! you can make your own cables to the length you need or I know how to and I 've got posts on how to wake the ends here on the forum in the classic posts my computer skills are not up to par so maybe one of the members and point you in the right direction fairracing is pretty good at finding and directing to the correct posts. I need to learn how he does it as that would be a big help.
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    That thing looks cool!!!
    It looks like a 26" frame w/ 20" wheels??
    You should get a smaller rear sprocket... it's gonna be VERY SLOW w/ those little wheels!

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