Maiden Voyage

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
THAT'S ALL?!? "You fired her at eleven....Sunday night."

Come on, we know you rode the bike at least a little bit?


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Sep 26, 2008
Maiden Voyage Update

I had to leave for work this morning and it was getting late. So I was a little brief.

I started w/ a new schwinn windwood basic b'cruiser w/ fenders & rack. Red blk & silver. Took it home and completely disassembled it. Painted frame blk. Reassembled bike using American quantities of grease and proper bearing adj. I wire tied the rear spokes both sides (which noticably stiffened the rear wheel). Flipped the bars upsidedown and added layback seat post for high speed tuckin'!rotfl The seat is from Spooky Tooth and is up to par for the $. Finally I replaced all the hardware w/ stainless.

Bought my motor from I should say that Spooky Tooth and Zone 8 were speedy shippers; products arrived as described and "reasonably" well packed.

I started by mounting the sprocket which was kind of a pain in the kneeky and and definately less than precision; busted a bolt trying to true it. No radial but definitely some side run out (I'll readjust it this wknd). Added grease to the hub and the dust cover I flattened lightly w/ a hammer until it just cleared the sprocket w/out rubbing (easy and tidy!). I then replaced all the studs w/ threaded stainless rod and almost all the other hardware as well. Greased the clutch actuator; quite a bit of slop err I mean room for grease in there.rotfl I mounted the motor on the seat tube and w/ the 3 hole adapter mounted on the front of motor (large down tube) I flipped the bike over and drilled through the frame toward the center hole; not for the faint of heart but I hand drill into very expensive parts all the time. Had to beat and bend exhaust to "conform" (slapped a top coat of blk on it). Carved out rear fender to clear the chain with an angle air sander. Finally I tidied up the electrics w shrink tube routed cables, replaced the plug wire w/ nos "generic American" (Made In Mexico) Autolite wire and NGK for the cap and plug (B7HS). Mounted the tank somewhere in there. And Voila!

It needs brakes (coaster brake is not enough, Not Even Close!), a mirror and I think lights are a good idea as well. I got around $400 into it and 10 or so hours of work. I couldn't be more happy w/ it for my 1st build. A brand new ride for minimal scratch!

Resized Motor Bicycle.jpg

Resized Motorized Bicycle 2.jpg



I road it around a bit this evening. And, yeah, I feel like a Bad Motor Finger right about now. I think I need to use some star washers on the rear axle though. Running valvoline dino 2 stoke m/c 20:1 for 1st gal and Bel-Ray or Redline or ? synth there after.
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