Low Top Speed With Mitsubishi TLE43


Butch K

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May 9, 2008
Princeton, MN
I recently installed a Staton friction drive with a Mitsu TLE43 motor on my full suspension bike. According to the figures posted on the Staton site I should be able to get over 40 MPH with the 1.5 inch roller that I'm using. 30 MPH is my top speed. I only have about 50 miles on the motor and am hoping the top speed improves after the motor is broken in a little more. Does anybody else have a similar setup and getting faster top speed than 30 MPH? I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the motor or if this is normal speed before break in.
I weigh 160# so the weight shouldn't be the problem.
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Aug 2, 2008
I ran a new Mits engine with Staton gear chain drive on my 20" Dahon bike. Low end with 18.75:1 gears was great, but it fell flat on its face at top end, which was 20-something mph(no speedo or tach). Then I installed this engine on my 26" cruiser with friction drive and 1.125" roller. Same great low and midrange power, but completely flat at top end. I thought the engine had a governor, but it was excessive exhaust pressure. When I installed an ADA-1 tuned pipe, I lost some low end, gained some midrange...

then the top end went through the roof! Now the engine screamed at 30mph!

When the bearing on my spindle failed, I upsized to 1.5" roller. Of course I lost tons of low end, but personally the top end was well worth it. I can now ride safely with traffic instead of redlining the engine off to the side of the road. With the 1.5" roller, I lost the quickness, but I gained speed. I weighed 200 lbs with about 250 miles on the engine. My top speed now pushed way past 30mph with power to spare. With the tuned pipe, I might hit 40 mph.

Just my opinion, but your Mits 2.2hp engines might be stifled by excessive back pressure. Cure that problem, and you'll go much faster.

On second thought, your engine might be running rich. Take a spark plug reading after a full throttle blast and shutdown. Mine was a perfect tan AFTER installing the tuned pipe.

Good luck.

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